Literary Fiction

My Name is Lucy Barton

by Elizabeth Strout

Quick take

Every word is in its place. You just want to imbibe them... to drink them down, they're so beautifully imagined.

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  • Jim T.

    Chicago, IL

    "Love Elizabeth Strout. She can do no wrong in my book. I can't even write an un-biased review..."

  • Yifei M.

    San Mateo, CA

    "Strout doesn't disappoint as a veteran, well-polished writer."

  • Teddy G.

    Cincinnati, OH

    "A beautiful wrought novel. Strout's spare and tender prose was mesmerizing."

  • Bill R.

    Groveland, FL

    "A small classic."

  • Michele J.

    Brooklyn, NY

    "This novel focuses inward of a young woman who builds her life out of loneliness and poverty. Quiet and powerful, we see the connections and disconnections between a small family and town. "

  • Alicia P.

    Corona, CA


  • Noa H.

    La Canada, CA

    "I basically love anything Elizabeth Strout writes......really felt the mother-daughter relationship come through in this book."

  • Catherine N.

    Vista, CA

    "Such a good story about a mother-daughter relationship. "

  • Barbara S.

    Caldwell, NJ

    "Superbly drawn characters in a well-told tale. Thoroughly engaging."

  • Sharon W.

    Strasburg, VA

    "This story was a beautiful take on the imperfect love of families. We can be separated from family by miles and years, yet still connected at the heart. A quick read, but lovely and moving."

  • Faith P.

    Wake Forest, NC

    "Morose but not depressing, impactful but not overwrought -- I am still feeling all the feels."