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Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty
Contemporary fiction

Nine Perfect Strangers

by Liane Moriarty

Quick take

The latest must-read drama from the best-selling author of Big Little Lies.

Good to know

  • Multiple viewpoints

  • Famous author

  • Slow build

  • Buzzy

Why I love it

Every Liane Moriarty novel is different, but the experience of reading one provides the same reliable mainstays: exhaustion (because I’ll be up until 2am reading), awe (at her ability to create characters so real it feels like she’s raided my inner life), and jealousy (because, well, nobody should be allowed to write that well). As a die-hard fan, I thought I knew what to expect with Nine Perfect ...


Nine people gather at a remote health resort. Some are here to lose weight, some are here to get a reboot on life, some are here for reasons they can’t even admit to themselves. Amidst all of the luxury and pampering, the mindfulness and meditation, they know these ten days might involve some real work. But none of them could imagine just how challenging the next ten days are going to be.



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