No One Knows

by J.T. Ellison

Quick take

I find nothing to be more satisfying than an edge-of-my-seat thriller. No One Knows had me practically levitating over my chair as I raced through it.

Why I love it

Imagine for a moment you've been charged with a crime you didn't commit. Now imagine that the crime you're charged with may not have even taken place. That's the predicament Aubrey Hamilton finds herself in, in J. T. Ellison's supremely satisfying mystery No One Knows.

Aubrey Hamilton seemed destined to be with her husband, Josh. Childhood sweethearts, they were living an idyllic married life in a...

Member thoughts

40% Love
48% Like
9% Dislike
  • Laura Jean W.

    Erie, PA

    "Very enjoyable & fast paced read. Kept me on my toes."

  • Cynthia D.

    Massapequa, NY

    "Kept me guessing."

  • Yifei M.

    San Mateo, CA

    "Thriller in epic scale"

  • Melissa H.

    Collingswood, NJ

    "Great thriller. Unexpected ending. "

  • Katie A.

    New Albany, OH

    "Loved this! Didn't see that ending coming at all. Great story, fast read."

  • Jessica L.


    "Good read for a rainy day."

  • Holly B.

    Gearhart, OR

    "Terrific thriller that kept me guessing without any gimmicks. I will be looking for more of Ellison’s books. "

  • Stephanie A.

    Shelby , NC

    "I could not put this book down. Always keeps you guessing.... up to the last page."

  • Tyler O.

    Hollywood, FL

    "Similar to Gone Girl, but enjoyed the story, the mystery, the emotional connections to characters that lasted for varying lengths. "

  • Katie G.

    Birmingham, AL

    "I literally recommend this to anyome who loves a suspense story. Crazy ending!!!"

  • Stacy G.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "Excellent! Kept me guessing throughout. I definitely did not figure out the ending. Highly recommend!"