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Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser

Not That I Could Tell

by Jessica Strawser

Quick take

A close group of female friends gather over wine. The next morning, one of their number is missing in this page-turner à la *Big Little Lies*.

Good to know

  • Fast read

  • Multiple viewpoints

  • Female friendships

Why I love it

While this book has all the great plot twists of an edge-of-your-seat thriller, what I really enjoyed was the way it develops a group of characters that I came to really care for. This is a character-driven story about the women in a suburb—mothers, loners, and one cheeky 11-year-old—left to confront a mystery that rocks their community.

After a night of kid-free wine-drinking arou...


An innocent night of fun takes a shocking turn ...

When a group of neighborhood women gathers, wine in hand, around a fire pit where their backyards meet one Saturday night, most of them are just ecstatic to have discovered that their baby monitors reach that far. It’s a rare kid-free night, and they’re giddy with it. They drink too much, and the conversation turns personal.

By Monday morning...

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