Contemporary Fiction

Oh! You Pretty Things

We’re happy to support debut authors, including Shanna Mahin with Oh! You Pretty Things.

by Shanna Mahin

Quick take

Takes you to an entirely different world, in this case Hollywood '“ think 'The Devil Wears Prada' with paparazzi.

Why I love it

When a character demands his assistant fetch him "two cups: triple shot of espresso in one and (in a separate cup) a venti nonfat milk foam. Milk foam, not milk" in the first 50 pages, I know I'm in for a wild romp of insanity-filled celebrity fun. Like previous "my boss is crazy" personal assistant stories, this one takes you to an entirely different world, in this case Holly...

Member thoughts

  • Jennifer R.

    Columbia, MD

    "This was okay at best. I wouldn't search out the author again."

  • Laura W.

    Richmond, VA

    "It has its moments, but the whole thing felt underdeveloped, and the story never really built up to much. It's an okay but forgettable read."

  • Alyson G.

    Long Beach, NY

    "It was okay, slow at times and times you want to hate the main character. The last few chapters would've been better if they were fleshed out more and then I think I would have really liked it."