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Pull Me Under

We’re happy to support debut authors, including Kelly Luce with Pull Me Under.

by Kelly Luce

Quick take

Luce delves deep into the problems Rio faced - losing her mother, being abandoned by her father and tormented by the school bully - but never once makes excuses for her violent act.

Why I love it

What no one knows about Rio Silvestri, a thirty-something woman living a picture perfect life in Colorado with her husband and daughter, is that when she was 12 years old and living in Japan, she stabbed the school bully in the neck with a letter opener. Gasp!

Rio would be content to keep her secret hidden for the rest of her life, but when a mysterious letter arrives at her doorstep informing her...

Member thoughts

29% Love
59% Like
10% Dislike
  • Kaitlyn R.

    Brooklyn, NY

    "It's like an adult coming of age story. Definitely a thought provoking story and not your typical crime novel."

  • Letitia C.

    Centreville, VA

    "Although Rio's hidden secret is worse than most, I felt nothing but sympathy for a girl pushed to the edge. As a woman, she confronts her past, forgives herself maybe, and grows stronger. "

  • Maggie D.

    Metairie, LA

    "The protagonist of this novel was haunting. I loved delving into her past and experiencing her story as it unfolded."

  • Kelsey M.

    Mesa, AZ

    "Loved the focus on Japan and the temple pilgrimage. I studied abroad in Japan, and it brought back a lot of good memories for me. Great, compelling story overall."

  • Molly G.

    Chicago, IL

    "Love the plot and the story ended up being deeper than I thought. Enjoyed it!"

  • Stacy L.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "I really enjoyed this book. I was drawn into Rio's story and her relationship with her two different families..the one in Japan and the one in America. Will be excited to see more from this author."

  • Alison K.

    Topsham, ME

    "I really enjoyed this book. A strong story with well-developed characters. The writing provoked such strong beautiful imagery of Japan. This was a great choice."

  • Jo Ana Irish D.

    Manassas, VA

    "I love this book. It's realistic and wonderfully written."

  • Katherine T.

    Minneapolis, MN

    "I loved getting to hear the story of how Chizuru became Rio and how Rio rediscovered Chizuru."

  • Carolyn M.

    Prospect, CT


  • Nicole G.

    Fort Wayne , IN

    "Loved this book. Well written, honest humans. I already gave it to my mom to read and I just finished it. "