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by Lindy West

Quick take

Takes the shallow style of Internet comment boards and harnesses them into an original, intimate voice. She manages to be self-righteous but also self-deprecating.

Why I love it

One of the reasons I read is to learn what it's like to be someone very different than I am without actually going through the unpleasantness of talking to someone very different than I am. So I've been fascinated by Lindy West, an overweight, feminist writer who loves wizards and all-things Disney and spends so much time on the Internet that it is as real to her as the not-Internet.

I imagined th...

Member thoughts

60% Love
31% Like
8% Dislike
  • Aimee S.

    Fairfax station , VA

    "LOVED THIS. Passed it on to a friend to enjoy. Suggested it to book club. "

  • Adrian K.

    Anchorage , AK

    "Holy bananas this is hilarious! Did anyone else find themselves taking long to read this book just so they can savor it for longer because you just didn't want it to end?"

  • Karin N.

    Chicago, IL

    "She really is inspirational. She covers being trolled the internet, her size, feminism, so much quotable stuff here! Really loved this book and Lindy West."

  • Ashley L.

    Sherman oaks , CA

    "Lindy West in incredibly sharp, witty and devastating in her prose. I loved reading her essays when she was at Jezebel and glad to see her book was just as smart."

  • Sara P.

    Cincinnati , OH

    "Society has some major issues, systematically embedded for centuries, and West isn’t afraid to fight the unpopular fight against them. I applaud this woman and recommend this book to all. "

  • Amanda B.

    Tampa, FL

    "I did not know who Lindy was when I got this book now I can't wait for more! What a beautiful, strong, hilarious woman. #goals"

  • Mariah F.

    Science Hill, KY

    "This book is both inspiring and comforting. I think anyone could find a piece of Lindy to relate to. I recommend it to EVERYONE. Seriously. "

  • Stacy G.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "Quick, funny read from a strong woman with lots of insight. "

  • Luba B.

    Waterford , MI

    "A must read"

  • Laura W.

    Richmond, VA

    "Funny and moving, it's a must-read for any woman who's ever felt like an oddball. "

  • Antje B.

    Des Moines, WA

    "Bad ass lady writing. "