Smaller and Smaller Circles

by F.H. Batacan

Quick take

Simply put, one of the best mysteries I've read this decade!

Why I love it

Smaller and Smaller Circles is a smart, sensitive thriller that breathes fresh air into the world of literary detection. Widely considered to be the first Filipino crime novel, it combines the forensics of a Patricia Cornwell novel, the criminal profiling savvy of Clarice Starling ('œYou don't want Hannibal Lecter inside your head.') and a couple of Jesuit priests out for justice. Simply put, thi...

Member thoughts

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38% Like
14% Dislike
  • Emily C.

    Seattle, WA

    "Got so engrossed in this story- especially in the unique characters!"

  • Florence C.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    "Amazing, beautiful, heart-wrenching mystery. I devoured this book and savored every page. A must read. "

  • Amber B.

    Los Alamos, NM

    "WOW! I felt like I understood the Philippines better after reading this, but I was also hoping to read more about these characters who are fully-fleshed out and well-written on their own."

  • Candice Z.

    Portland, OR

    "This was such a perfect murder mystery. It had plenty of twists, it kept me on my toes, and the characters were funny and smart. Loved every second of it!"

  • Margaret D.

    Chicago, IL

    "So so so good! Just my favorite kind of mystery, with a complex plot, corruption abound and detectives outside of the system. "

  • Ingrid P.

    Washington, DC

    "So cool to read a mystery set in the Philippines, of which I know very little about - can't recommend this one enough. "

  • Elisabeth A.

    Fort Wayne, IN

    "So good! Unique story telling. Kept me intrigued."

  • Geordie D.

    Royal Oak, MI

    "As a fan of crime thrillers, I loved this. It reads almost like a modern Umberto Eco, and the characters are believable and the drama broad. Batacan weaves her plots and subplots together masterfully."

  • Heather W.

    shoreline, WA


  • Christie Y.

    Scottsdale, AZ

    "This book started off really good but turned out predictable and a little boring at the end."

  • Jenipha R.

    Staten Island, NY

    "Enjoyed this read. Pace of the book kept me reading. Would recommend to others who enjoy this genre."