So You've Been Publicly Shamed

by Jon Ronson

Quick take

Anyone who reads this book would hold off from going online to rip apart that Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the Lion.

Why I love it

I'm sure, being a book reader, that you're a thoughtful, nice, probably even mindful, person. But when you're online, you're a total dick. I know when you're typing away on social media or adding to the comments section you feel like a righteous person, defending the environment, or animal rights or veterans. But, actually—total dick.

Which is why you need to read Jon Ronson's So You've Been Publi...

Member thoughts

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  • Amanda W.

    Bad Axe, MI

    "This book really made me think. I shared it with a friend who also loved it."

  • Emily W.

    Oakland Park, FL

    "It's gonna make me pause the next time I read a story about the internet publicly shaming someone."

  • Corinne R.

    Irvine, CA

    "This novel proves that reality can often be far more terrifying than fiction."

  • Lauren H.

    San Diego, CA

    "With his usual British wit, Jon Ronson made me think differently about the use of social media as a shaming tool... and the consequences it truly has. This should be required reading for all."

  • Regan B.

    San Mateo, CA


  • Laura P.

    Des Moines, IA


  • Jimmy H.

    St. Louis, MO


  • Sara B.

    Virginia Beach, VA


  • Ashley L.

    Sherman oaks , CA

    "Really interesting book on the power of Twitter shaming. It changed my perspective and made me more aware of what I say online."

  • Amanda B.

    Tampa, FL

    "I did not think I would like this when I realized it was non-fiction but it's really interesting (I should've read more about the book before I bought the book..but then again where would I be?). "

  • Tracy C.

    Delray Beach, FL

    "It made me want to read all of his other books. It was interesting. "