by Robin Sloan

Quick take

Sourdough is less of a mystery to be solved than a joyful unfurling of its strange and inviting world, one almost like ours, but a bit more zany.

Why I love it

Baking has always seemed a form of magic to me. You combine ingredients that you've had sitting in the pantry all along'”nothing in my hat, nothing up my sleeve'”and by stirring them in the right ratio and plopping in the oven, you've turned inedible, tasteless powders into bread.

This is the realization that San Francisco engineer Lois Clarry has in Sourdough, when she inherits a mysteriously po...


Lois Clary is a software engineer at General Dexterity, a San Francisco robotics company with world-changing ambitions. She codes all day and collapses at night, her human contact limited to the two brothers who run the neighborhood hole-in-the-wall from which she orders dinner every evening. Then, disaster! Visa issues. The brothers close up shop, and fast. But they have one last delivery for L...

Member thoughts

58% Love
37% Like
4% Dislike
  • Allyson F.

    Kelseyville, CA

    "I enjoyed it very much. Food and neediness all in one!"

  • Jessica B.

    Northfield, OH

    "This book is lovely and the literary equivalent of warm buttered bread- cozy and filling with the perfect amount of substance. I think I like this book even better than his other."

  • Catie K.

    Bloomington, IN

    "Gut bacteria and robots! A nerd's paradise!"

  • Deb K.

    Reisterstown, MD

    "A fun and easy read. Who knew a book about bread could be so enjoyable?"

  • Holly B.

    Gearhart, OR

    "Charming, whimsical, delightful"

  • Mackenzie U.

    Beale AFB, CA

    "Funny, imaginative, clever, and endearing. I loved this book"

  • Jade L.

    Modesto, CA

    "Loved this book. Will definitely read again. Great story of self discovery and sourdough"

  • Reema M.

    Orlando, FL

    "My only complaint about this is that i wish it were longer. "

  • Laura K.

    New Haven, CT

    "Robin Sloan does not disappoint. Again he crafts a fascinating world that is just like this one, but a little bit better! Beware: this book will make you crave hot fresh bread!"

  • Whitney W.

    Burbank , CA

    "Laughed out loud at the spot on winks at foodie culture in the Bay Area and utterly charmed by the Loises and the Mazg...and have definitely been that wary of rising foods! (And it glows in the dark!)"

  • Danielle D.

    Ithaca, NY

    "Sourdough is the perfect book to read on a cold day while curled up under a fuzzy blanket, accompanied by a piece of great bread and a steaming mug of tea. "