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We’re happy to support debut authors, including Doree Shafrir with Startup.

by Doree Shafrir

Quick take

Full of humor and scathing office drama: Risqué text messages. Tech bros. An influx of viral mishaps.

Why I love it

Millennials drinking green juice teetering between cushy benefits and Adderall addictions. The frantic pace, open office, the witty repartee, the keg parties. The mission! The stock options! Having worked at start-ups and in online culture for more than a decade, I’ve seen it all. And, based on my experiences at least, Startup captures the vibe perfectly. Â

A satirical and intensely entertaining...

Member thoughts

17% Love
56% Like
23% Dislike
  • Shelbi L.

    Bryan, TX

    "As a journalist, I loved the perspective, and as a female, I loved the harsh look on society."

  • Megan B.

    Saint Louis, MO

    "Lots of fun and reflective about what our society is accomplishing with so much technology"

  • Stephanie B.

    Bexley, OH

    "Hilarious spoof on tech culture and the workplace. Loved every second of it!"

  • priya s.

    cupertino, CA

    "Funny take on start-ups. Enjoyed the jabs at Silicon Valley and millennials. The people in this book reminded me so much of those I work with!"

  • Danielle H.

    Hartland, WI

    "Couldn't put this one down. True to life, despite the claim of fiction. ;) Looking forward to what's next from Doree!!"

  • Amanda L.

    Staten Island, NY

    "I loved this book! Really engaging, well-developed characters, and an interesting plot."

  • Hannah N.

    Winston salem, NC

    "A fantastic read when you want something light that is also incredibly relevant. So glad I chose this!"

  • Melissa W.

    San Francisco, CA

    "A little too close to home. Consistently. "

  • Caitlin B.

    Pembroke, MA

    "I was hooked during the Prologue. My only criticism is the word 'like' being used constantly when it just didn't fit in any of the dialogue in my opinion."

  • Julie H.

    Belmont, MA

    "Quick, fun read about modern society and technology, and how ridiculous both can be."

  • Anita M.

    Lansdowne, PA

    "As a Gen X'er (Web 1.0, maybe even Web 0.5), I loved this look into millennial startup culture. Shafrir builds characters very well, and has a light touch in satirizing the new office environments. "