Historical Fiction

The After Party

by Anton DiSclafani

Quick take

Examines a complex female friendship under the confines of 1950s Texas high society.

Why I love it

Did you ever have a friend who you couldn't help but envy? That person who handles everything so flawlessly, looks so amazing, and shines so brightly that men (and women) continually gravitate towards her? For Cece, that person is Joan Fortier, her friend since childhood in the tony River Oaks neighborhood of Houston, Texas (think perfectly manicured lawns, the smell of gin and hairspray, large di...

Member thoughts

27% Love
60% Like
8% Dislike
  • Katie M.

    Prairie Village, KS

    "ABSOLUTELY loved this book. Honestly couldn't put it down"

  • Tammi R.

    Grove City, OH

    "Great story of women and their relationships. How much do we ever know of someone else's life? Super quick, enjoyable, and though-provoking!"

  • Michelle J.

    Morton, IL

    "A story of two girls and their relationship told in flashbacks, worth the read. An interesting look into 1950's Dallas life."

  • Amy C.

    Sheffield , VT

    "This book....... all in the details. You can smell the scenes from the page."

  • Kellie R.

    Kingwood, TX

    "Houston Texan native here who enjoyed reading about the upper class folks of a by gone era. The story rings so true that you can't help but feel for the women in the novel. Worth the read!"

  • Caroline F.

    Fairfield, CT

    "Evocative of the early 60s and the push-pull love between childhood girlfriends. Phenomenal, page turning read. "

  • Morgan I.

    Oxnard, CA


  • Hannah D.

    Indianapolis, IN


  • Jeni L.

    Centerton , AR


  • Brittany B.

    Cape Girardeau, MO

    "Great book to read by the pool"

  • Talitha M.

    Abilene, TX

    "I've had relationships vaguely like the main one in this story. I kind of hated how the main character was so controlled by those around her but maybe that's how things were then? "