Literary Fiction

The Blind Assassin

by Margaret Atwood

Why I love it

Margaret Atwood's masterpiece is a genre-bending novel that's the literary equivalent of a Russian nesting doll, hurtling from detective noir and sci-fi to romance and back again. The Blind Assassin contains a story within a story within a whole other story, but its ultimate mystery concerns matters of the heart, as so many of the best stories do.

Member thoughts

38% Love
42% Like
17% Dislike
  • priya s.

    cupertino, CA

    "Loved it! I took this on vacation and kept finding places to read so I could finish it. It was one of those books that you just wanted to figure out."

  • Caroline T.

    Boston, MA

    "Incredible! Loved every second, can't wait to read more Atwood "

  • Jessica K.

    Madison, WI

    "Despite the slow parts, I fell in love with this book. Tragic and tender in parts, it tugged at my heart, while also laughing at the inner thoughts of an 80 year old woman. Beautifully written."

  • Hayley S.

    Gilbert, AZ

    "Exquisite writing and wonderful story."

  • Catherine T.

    Spokane Valley, WA

    "Absolutely obsessed with this book. Extremely well paced, I was hooked the whole time. Ingenious with the story-within-a-novel-within-a-novel."

  • Patrice R.

    Mantua, NJ

    "This is now one of my all time favorite books. "

  • Emily D.

    Lakota, IA

    "Atwood's writing is as visceral and compelling as ever here; it deserves to take its time. I couldn't resist these characters and their tragic plights, and was captivated by Zycron. "

  • Jessica M.

    Mckinleyville , CA

    "Beautifully written...i prefer reading about the past."

  • Katherine P.

    Portland, CT

    "Very slow in the middle but tells crucial parts for the end. Completely surprised at moments. Overall a good book if you have a lot of time to read"

  • Rachel C.

    Cave Springs, AR

    "Margaret Atwood does an incredible job about making you really think about traditional gender roles."

  • Samantha L.

    Richmond, TX

    "This is my introduction book to Margaret Atwood! I enjoyed the writing and the story, I liked how it nicely unfolded to the ending. However, it was rather slow getting there."