The Child

by Fiona Barton

Quick take

Because readers see the mystery through the eyes of Kate, a reporter, it’s easy to feel as though you are a part of the investigation, too.

Why I love it

Is there any explanation for why summer is the perfect season to indulge in what I—somewhat affectionately—like to call 'œmurder books'? You know exactly what kind of book I’m talking about: that special brand of addictive thriller that features a female lead—maybe a journalist, maybe a detective, maybe just a woman with a troubled past—who finds herself knee-deep in some sort of mystery—maybe in...

Member thoughts

53% Love
41% Like
3% Dislike
  • Stephanie H.

    Murrieta , CA

    "Although I figured it out halfway through the book, it was 100% worth it to finish it out. Really well written. "

  • Ann H.

    Pompano Beach, FL

    "Loved it, loved the twists I didn’t see coming, loved the totally believable characters, loved the pain of loss and ultimate redemption. A great read"

  • Adele L.

    Carlsbad, CA

    "Well written, page turner with likable characters, and an interesting twist."

  • Joy G.

    St. Amant, LA

    "Finished this book in 2 days- easy, quick, interesting read!"

  • Lindsey R.

    Skiatook, OK

    "Great characters. Great plot. Couldn't put it down."

  • Lauren M.

    Ionia, MI

    "You could sort of see it coming... still a few surprises, though. I would have liked more detail in the end."

  • Sarah B.

    Evanston, IL

    "While slow at first, this book quickly hooks you! It took me a couple weeks of on-and-off reading to read the 1st 100 pages & then one day to finish the remaining 250 pages. Ending's too good!"

  • Karen G.

    Venice, CA

    "Wow! Unexpected twist for sure. I love the characters and their determination, strength and endurance for all they've been through. Had to finish this in 2 seatings, I couldn't stop reading!!! "

  • Jennifer V.

    St Louis, MO

    "After reading The Widow, I knew I had to read this one. And I was not disappointed. I finished it in 2 days. The suspense was great all the way through."

  • Susan B.

    Georgetown, ME

    "I enjoyed the writing and the suspense. The tying up the loose ends was particularly fascinating."

  • Katherine K.

    Houston, TX

    "Fascinating story that had me hooked and involved until the very end. I even found myself thinking about this storyline throughout the day and looking forward to diving back in. "