The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

by Amy Schumer

Quick take

The insecurities she writes about are so funny and relatable that...she becomes less the comic behind the mic and more your friend who you have more in common with than you ever thought.

Why I love it

I love a funny lady, so it's no surprise that I'm an Amy Schumer fan. But after reading The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, my feelings for her are taking a new shape: admiration and respect are two that jump to my mind.  The book is breezy with a lot of great stories, but she continually "goes there" in a way that kept catching me off guard, whether it's about her body image, struggle...

Member thoughts

47% Love
44% Like
7% Dislike
  • Jessica H.

    Auburn, WA

    "Schumer might be even funnier in writing than in her stand-up! Her stories are so relatable and I felt like I was listening to my best friend"

  • Brian B.

    Ithaca, NY

    "If you enjoy Amy's stand-up and tv show, you will adore this personal connection with author, comedian, sister, daughter, girlfriend, hook-up, feminist, and woman. She is smart and insightful. "

  • Shelbi L.

    Bryan, TX

    "Definitely didn't disappoint. As funny, if not more than, I was expecting."

  • Amanda B.

    Tampa, FL

    "I never expected to relate to Amy Schumer, but I did. It felt good to read about a strong introvert who says what she feels is right and stands up for the people and things that matter to her. Go Amy!"

  • Mindy D.

    Seattle, WA

    "I didn't like this at first but it got a lot better toward the middle and the end. She definitely is a strong woman. Love her!"

  • Annelise K.

    University Heights, OH

    "Amy Schumer doesn't pretend to be more than normal, we all came from somewhere and her story is one you can identify with and admire."

  • Amanda M.

    St Paul, MN

    "First off, I love Amy Schumer simply because she IS unapologetic about what she says and how she lives her life. She takes the good with the bad and makes it all funny along the way."

  • Andrea D.

    Bridgewater, MA

    "I was surprised at how much I loved this book. Her sarcastic, dirty humor is in full force, but there are also chapters filled with more tender moments. Good read!"

  • Hannah K.

    Durham, NC

    "Loved this book and gave it to all my friends to read. She is so funny and natural! "

  • Megan H.

    Cold Spring, NY

    "Funny, honest and a little sad too. This was a total page turner for me and give me a whole new insight beyond Amy's deliciously smutty facade."

  • Janine H.

    Seaford, NY

    "What can I say, but I truly am an Amy Schumer fan. So, I couldn't wait to read her memoir and was so excited that it was a BOTM choice. Definitely enjoyed, got some laughs and glad I was able to read."