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The Girls

We’re happy to support debut authors, including Emma Cline with The Girls.

by Emma Cline

Quick take

Not a cheap, voyeuristic thrill, but a lovely meditation about the helter skelter of girlhood...

Why I love it

My perfect summer read is the kind of page-turner that requires some discipline in order to savor -- read it too quickly and you might miss many lovely nuances. Emma Cline's The Girls is one of those wonderful life-interrupting novels that contains too many perfectly written sentences to read in one sitting, as tempting as it might be.

At first the premise of The Girls gave me pause. I feared that...

Member thoughts

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49% Like
22% Dislike


    "You know what's inevitable about the story, but it's told from an unknown perspective to highlight the unexpected, I'm a huge fan of the 60s and 70s as is so this was right for me."

  • Sara P.

    Cincinnati , OH

    "Although fabricated, feels raw and real. The language is beautiful- even descriptions of mundane things are wonderfully written. "

  • Julia C.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    "Amazing. It's about wanting to define & discover yourself - to find your people, your happiness - and the desires of adolescents. There are queer themes that I would've loved to see explored more!"

  • Jill R.

    Woodbury, MN

    "The Manson Family has fascinated me since childhood. "

  • Allison B.

    New York, NY

    "From the minute I opened this book I decided to isolate myself on the beach for the weekend until I finished it. It was so good and also relatable and fun that I read it in 2 sittings. Highly recommen"

  • Lisa E.

    Danville, CA

    "Ezcellent book about how vulnerable and foolish young girls without adequate supervision can be. Touching commentary on how choices made early in life can haunt you forever. "

  • Cassidy B.

    South Salt Lake, UT

    "Favorite book I've ever read, the insight on relationships and friendships is something Ill never forget reading"

  • Stacy G.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "Definitely a similar theme to the whole "Manson" family murder saga, but unique and interesting and a quick read. "

  • Brandi W.

    Mechanicsville, VA

    "I loved the fact that through these characters we were able to experience what a cult truly feels like from the inside. The overwhelming need to please mixed with going against your own morals."

  • Laura W.

    Richmond, VA

    "First it perfectly captures the pains of adolescence, then it brews up something incredibly sinister. Addictive and creepy. I couldn't put it down. This is my all-time favorite Book Club read."

  • Shannon T.

    Sterling Heights, MI

    "Be ready for this. So relatable, it is almost chilling!"