Historical Fiction

The Japanese Lover

by Isabel Allende

Quick take

You learn many of the character's secrets and Isabel Allende has a gift for doling these out in a well-paced, suspenseful way.

Member thoughts

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  • Alyssa H.

    Milwaukee, WI

    "Such a beautiful story about the intertwining of lives and loves over generations."

  • Wendy P.

    Glendale, KY

    "Oh, I loved this book. It captivated me completely. I usually read 2 or 3 books at the same time, switching them up to keep from getting bored. I couldn't read anything else while reading this one!"

  • Laura K.

    New Haven, CT

    "I always love Allende. She is a very talented storyteller. The Japanese Lover is no exception. I didn't know much about the Japanese internment camps so I appreciate Allende's story."

  • Anna D.

    Myersville , MD

    "Lovely story, beautifully written. I loved this book!!"

  • Lori Rae P.

    Mission, TX

    "love this writer."

  • Mary Ann L.

    Reno, NV

    "This book is outside of my normal genre. I thought it was a fine read, but the overall plot line didn't engage me. I was much more interested in the part of the story occurring in the past."

  • Micheline H.

    Montrose, CO

    "A quiet good read. I loved the twist at the end. I didn't expect it."

  • Serena B.

    Portland , OR


  • dana v.

    beacon, NY


  • Katie A.

    New Albany, OH

    "Just not my style or favorite"

  • Anna B.

    San Diego, CA

    "I really thought this would be better. Not an awful book but it was slow to really get to the interesting parts."