The Last Equation of Isaac Severy

by Nova Jacobs

We’re happy to support debut authors, including Nova Jacobs with The Last Equation of Isaac Severy.

Quick take

This L.A.-set mystery about a dead patriarch, his heirs, and a missing math equation is The Westing Game for adults.

Good to know

  • Mutiple Viewpoints

  • Quirky

  • Puzzle

Why I love it

Everything in nature follows mathematical patterns: Planets follow elliptical orbits, flowers follow the Fibonacci sequence, and snowflakes crystallize with complex symmetrical elegance. Clues to the intricacy of the universe, if you will, and there’s nothing I like better than a finely-crafted succession of clues. Which brings me to this engaging, clever book.

Never fear, this is no tale of dr...


Just days after mathematician and family patriarch Isaac Severy dies of an apparent suicide, his adopted granddaughter Hazel, owner of a struggling Seattle bookstore, receives a letter from him by mail. In it, Isaac alludes to a secretive organization that is after his final bombshell equation, and he charges Hazel with safely delivering it to a trusted colleague. But first, she must find where t...