The Lowells of Massachusetts

by Nina Sankovitch

Quick take

The true story of this remarkable family, which is the story of our country itself.

Why I love it

When Percival Lowle set sail with his family for the New World in 1639, he could not have predicted how his Massachusetts descendants would shape his adopted homeland in the centuries to come. Yet in Book of the Month Judge Nina Sankovitch's ambitious biography, we see how the Lowells (as successive generations rebranded themselves) made short work of every opportunity America had to offer. From t...

Member thoughts

  • Karin N.

    Chicago, IL

    "I liked this way more than I expected--I got sucked into this family's world. Author does a great job balancing all the info here and adding a little fictionalization but not too much!"

  • Alyssa D.

    Milwaukee, WI

    "The writing style keeps the reader very engaged with the (at times) dry content"

  • Amy L.

    Fairfield, CT

    "I tried to love it, but there wasn't enough of a compelling storyline to keep this moving for me."