Literary Fiction

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

by Arundhati Roy

Quick take

Twenty years ago, Arundhati Roy wrote The God of Small Things ... two decades later, her second novel is well worth the wait.

Why I love it

Twenty years ago, Arundhati Roy wrote The God of Small Things, a novel that captivated readers around the globe. Now, two decades later, her second novel is here, and it’s worth the wait. In The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, Roy’s India is a place of both hope and despair, profound beauty and ugliness, comedy and tragedy. She masterfully weaves together the unforgettable stories of a few of the su...

Member thoughts

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  • Komal P.

    Houston , TX

    "Truly one of the most beautifully written novels of all time. I am amazed by Arundhati Roy everytime I come across her genius! "

  • Megan A.

    Kansas City, MO

    "A sprawling and beautifully detailed book depicting oppression in India. With multiple points of view, a large cast of characters, and many mediums, this is certainly a read-it-twice novel. "

  • Brittany A.

    Asheville, NC

    "A uniquely modern portrayal of contemporary Indian characters and the way politics, religion, the caste system, and sexuality impact their lives. And beautiful writing. So lovely."

  • Jenny J.

    Atlanta, GA

    "Absolutely wonderful! "


    New York, NY

    "Full of beauty, humanity, and horror. Some complain about plot, but she writes life, which doesnt always have a clearly delineated reason. Her political voice is stronger in this one, still perfect."

  • Mary P.

    Houston, TX

    "Truly, this is a remarkable creation, a story both intimate and international, swelling with comedy and outrage, a tale that cradles the world's most fragile people even while it assaults them."

  • Kritika B.

    Ann Arbor, MI

    "If you read just one book this year, let this be that one book! The characters are complex, the story is memorable, and the experience will leave you feeling both moved and grounded. Masterpiece! "

  • Satya N.

    Swarthmore, PA

    "Arundhati Roy is one of my favorite authors. She is a masterful storyteller."

  • Nicole W.

    Salt Lake City, UT

    "A heart wrenching tale of hard work, pushing through the bullshit life hands you, and creating your own future with what you have. "

  • erin k.

    Jaffrey, NH

    "Absolutely gorgeous."

  • Jessica M.

    Mckinleyville , CA

    "Eye-opener into another world."