Young Adult

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

We’re happy to support debut authors, including Lindsey Lee Johnson with The Most Dangerous Place on Earth.

by Lindsey Lee Johnson

Quick take

Authors who inhabit the adolescent world best understand how teens must come to terms with power, and zero in on those who are not afraid to use it.

Why I love it

The mysteries of adolescence are catnip for writers. Generation after generation, we try to figure out why teenagers behave the way they do, why they seem so elusive, and why their worlds are so alluring. Love affairs and friendships form fast and dissolve in disaster, the smallest cruelties can be devastating, and decisions, no matter how trivial, become the most important choices in their lives....

Member thoughts

26% Love
58% Like
15% Dislike
  • Allyson F.

    Kelseyville, CA

    "Appearances can be deceiving..."

  • Deb K.

    Reisterstown, MD

    "As a high schooler, the book is chillingly accurate, and beautifully well-written, with fleshed out characters. Worth the read."

  • Jill R.

    Woodbury, MN

    "I was a victim of bullies through 12 years of public school. Should be read by teens."

  • Kerri M.

    Buckhannon, WV

    "Took me back to high school and all that unpleasantness. Kids can be so cruel and Johnson captures this perfectly. Very appropriately titled book!"

  • Tyler O.

    Hollywood, FL

    "Definitely took me back to high school and forced me to think about the small decisions that we make and how they could have tremendous importance on our lives, as well as others."

  • Stacy G.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "Seemingly a very accurate take on current high school. Was engaged throughout, but wish the ending was not so 'sudden'."

  • Emily W.

    Oakland Park, FL

    "Loved how the story unfolded"

  • Cheralaine J.

    Dallas, TX

    "Artfully told story with beautiful prose. My copy is full of book darts. "

  • Katharine L.

    Clarksburg , MD

    "An all-too-true account about modern story about the harsh realities of high school. As a secondary educator, it saddens me."

  • madhu b.

    Ventura, CA

    "The pressures of growing up in today's world with social media. Really emphasized the need for young people to have trusted adults they can depend on and that money isn't everything..."

  • Lindsey B.

    Homewood, AL

    "As a high school teacher, I found this book incredibly intriguing on multiple levels. Most of all, I appreciated it for reminding me of all the various stories people hide about themselves. "