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The Players Ball by David Kushner

The Players Ball

by David Kushner

Quick take

The frisky story of the internet, the rise of digital porn, and the advent of online dating.

Why it’s worth it

At BOTM, we believe that nonfiction should read like fiction. Sure, there’s a lot of content out there that we all should know. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring, overly wordy, or reminiscent of history class. That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for real stories that are fast-paced, hard-to-believe, or just plain entertaining. In essence, we like when the truth is stranger than fi...


In 1994, visionary entrepreneur Gary Kremen used a $2,500 loan to create the first online dating service, Match.com. Despite only 5 percent of Americans using the internet at the time, Kremen insisted his invention would transform our lives. That wasn’t all he accurately predicted. He also anticipated that internet addresses, or domain names, would be the bedrock of the dawning digital frontier, e...


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