The Profiteers

by Sally Denton

Quick take

You're living in the world they built, a world running on the mechanics of money and politics. It will completely transform how you look at wealth and influence in this country.

Why I love it

We live in a time when the intersection of money and power is a fundamental fact of American political life. Backlash against perceived corruptions of the system and the narrowing of the powerbase into fewer and fewer hands has fueled support for insurgent Presidential campaigns of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. That's why Sally Denton's The Profiteers is required reading—it’s a history of ...

Member thoughts

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  • Karin N.

    Chicago, IL

    "The history of the Bechtels, their businesses, and how those businesses are interlinked with politics. Learned a ton from this very readable non fiction book."

  • Virginia B.

    Lakeside, CA

    "I had no idea that Bechtel now runs the space program and hires more financial people than scientists. "

  • Kathryn H.

    Georgetown, MA

    "Excellent book. I crave non-fiction so when BOTM offered, I grabbed it. Anyone who wants to know a bit more about how our political and business worlds collaborate - must read. Fascinating."

  • Micque P.

    Florence , SC

    "Jaw dropping. Should be shelved in the 'true crime' section. A conspiracy theory proven true. A great store of information. Loved!"

  • Rebecca A.

    Redondo Beach, CA


  • Sheri L.

    Birmgingham, MI

    "Frightening is the best word. Who really runs this country?"

  • Laura Y.

    Miami, FL

    "This reads like a conspiracy theory, but it's all very true. I was shocked by how much that happens in our government is public knowledge, yet the majority of people have no idea. Very eye opening"

  • jessy h.

    boone, CO

    "got this for my husband and he likes it... found a lot of the information in it very disturbing as to how deep the corruption of bechtel runs"

  • Aimee H.

    Saint Michael, MN

    "I got this for my husband. He's not much of a reader, but he likes documentaries, magazines, etc. He read this and started recommending it and talking about it and buying copies for gifts."

  • Amber B.

    Los Alamos, NM

    "While I can't say I'm surprised about these revelations, this book does a great job of laying the groundwork and facts rather than making any judgments."

  • Aileen S.

    Holdingford, MN

    "This is an important book about government corruption by multi-billion dollar big businesses. It will make you shake your head in disgust. "