The Sinner

by Petra Hammesfahr

Quick take

Everyone knows she did it—what no one can figure out is why.

Why I love it

We've teamed up with The Sinner—the new series starring Jessica Biel—to bring you the book that inspired it all.

For anyone who loves a good psychological thriller, The Sinner has an irresistible premise: on a crowded beach in broad daylight, a woman commits a seemingly random act of violence. Everyone knows she did it—what no one can figure out is why.

Member thoughts

  • Alexandra L.

    Flemington, NJ

    "I really don't know where to begin here. I LOVED this book. Heard about the series, made sure I read the book first. The story from the book is much much better. "

  • Brooke K.

    Cape Girardeau, MO

    "This book was a rollercoaster of emotions."

  • Janice S.

    binghamton, NY

    "I decided to join BOTM to get THIS book, because I loved the tv series. Great book. Highly highly recommend!"

  • Bethany P.

    Jacksonville, FL

    "The protagonist is psychologically brutalized, and I couldn’t look away. I read it in a day!"

  • candy k.

    ottawa, IL

    "Loved it"

  • Whitney H.

    West Peoria, IL

    "This was a great book. I definitely didnt see the twists this book threw in. Maybe I was naive but I never saw that ending coming. I need to watch the show."

  • Deana K.

    Coraopolis, PA

    "I actually thought the show was much better than the book. I found the book not as exciting. I usually always love the books more."

  • Joy W.

    Gainesville, FL

    "I kept trying to figure out what this book was about...and I kept getting confused. It was NOT an easy read, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone."

  • Bethany C.

    Orlando, FL

    "I am reading this book while watching the tv show - it is so hard to read. it drags on and I've wanted to put it down so many times. it's not an easy read and this is a case where the show is better!"