True Crime

The Stranger in the Woods

by Michael Finkel

Quick take

He abandoned his car, hiked into the Maine woods, and lived in solitude for 27 years, without speaking to or touching another human being.

Why I love it

For 27 years, the residents of the North Pond, Maine, lived in fear. A mysterious interloper robbed their homes repeatedly at random times. Children were scared to go to sleep at night, afraid of the mythical boogeyman who 'œlived in the woods' and who might break into their homes at any moment. Security systems and cameras were installed, but still the thief kept stealing '“ food, clothes, batt...

Member thoughts

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51% Like
7% Dislike
  • Cynthia C.

    Sayre, PA

    "This book provoked contradictory feelings in me. I was amazed that he stayed alone for 27 years, but I also hated the right he felt he had to take whatever he wanted from innocent and trusting people."

  • Jim T.

    Chicago, IL

    "Inspiring, kind of. I live in the big city and I kind of love the idea of escaping it all. I was reading this in a vicarious day-dream state. I loved it!"

  • Jennifer S.

    Oakton , VA

    "I found this book to be informative about many subject matters related to hermits (history, mental health, etc.) and a fascinating look into Christopher Knight's story. It's a very unique true story!"

  • Brenna M.

    Chicago, IL

    "I loved this book!! So fascinating and so thought provoking. It was an incredible non-fiction to learn about Knight's life, but left me reflecting on my own. I'm recommending this one to everyone! "

  • Jessica S.

    Stillwater, OK

    "Amazing story!"

  • Alexandra B.

    Great neck, NY

    "Really fast read and an incredible insight into the psychology of one man. "

  • Tammy M.

    Des Moines, IA

    "Loved this book. Very interesting and thought provoking "

  • Dale B.

    Temecula, CA

    "Author uses historical quotes from philosophers, authors, and others. . .thought provoking. Story causes you to ask, Why? Is it True? Is main character guilty or not guilty, and if so, what degree."

  • shana P.

    Chicago , IL

    "Loved this because it made me jealous. I hate people. I also hate emojis."

  • Diane L.

    Glenmont, NY

    "Well written and very interesting. Will recommend it to my book club for discussion."

  • Gillian M.

    Peachtree Corners, GA

    "Having grown up in Maine and hearing the stories, it was fascinating to get the "true" story. Made me reconsider if this man was "crazy" or a criminal, and of the honesty in his tale. "