Young Adult

The Sun Is Also a Star

by Nicola Yoon

Quick take

The precision of Yoon’s voice might bring you back to a time in your life when you were optimistic enough to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Why I love it

The best thing about reading YA fiction as an adult is getting to feel like a teenager again. The Sun Is Also a Star managed to transport me back to my first love'”or, rather, the first love I wish I could have had'”without veering into the realm of the sappy or the predictable.

Nicola Yoon’s exquisite novel takes place over the course of one single day in New York City: it’s the day Daniel has hi...

Member thoughts

64% Love
31% Like
5% Dislike
  • Jacob O.

    Omaha, NE

    "Turns the young adult novel on its head with two vastly different characters coming together unexpectedly - written masterfully with well articulated voices and a surprising narrative flow."

  • Amy S.

    Jackson, MI

    "Loved, loved, loved. I'm terrible at writing book reviews. This one was swoon worthy. The intersections of lives, the what ifs, the fate of the stars. Well done."

  • Nicole H.

    Portland, OR

    "My favorite Book of the Month pick yet! So well done. "

  • Allie P.

    Philadelphia, PA

    "Loved the characters and the story. "

  • Katherine S.

    New York, NY

    "I love the characters Nicola Yoon creates in this story. This book makes me want to read more YA novels!"

  • Marianne G.

    Germantown, MD

    "Such a great book to start 2017 with. Definitely a new favorite. "

  • Collyn W.

    Bloomfield, IA

    "I enjoyed this YA novel by Nicola Yoon. I think I preferred her novel Everything Everything to this one, though. Cute and quirky. Plus, the ending didn't leave me rolling my eyes!"

  • Tyler O.

    Hollywood, FL

    "I loved how the novel made you think about the everyday interactions that you have, regardless of how small they may be. I also enjoyed the importance of an unimportant decision."

  • Stacy G.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "Loved loved loved. Such a great love story between Natasha and Daniel. So unique. An easy and quick read, but the characters will stick with you."

  • Chelsey B.

    Burnsville, MN

    "This couples story made me cry, smile, and ponder in awe all at the same time."

  • Laura W.

    Richmond, VA

    "This could have easily been a saccharine love story, but instead it's a smart, funny, moving reminder of why compassion should always win out. "