The Verdict

by Nick Stone

Quick take

A spectacular legal thriller. There's double-crossing, blackmail, hidden agendas, conspiracies and danger around every corner.

Why I love it

If you had a front row seat to watch the spectacular downfall of your ex-best friend who almost ruined your life, would you help him? Or would you contribute to his demise?

Growing up, Terry Flynt and Vernon James were best friends. But since a nasty incident between the two in college, he has been harboring a bitter grudge. Now, twenty years later, Terry is a legal clerk at one of the most presti...

Member thoughts

46% Love
42% Like
4% Dislike
  • Adrian K.

    Anchorage , AK

    "Read this. "

  • Deb K.

    Reisterstown, MD

    "Gripping tale and crazy twists. I did not think I would finish it looking at the length, but I read it so quickly. Great job!"

  • Lauren S.


    "Great read and an enticing thriller! "

  • Amanda W.

    Bad Axe, MI

    "It's a long book, and it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout!"

  • Carole K.

    Millville, NJ

    "Suspenseful "

  • Sheri L.

    Birmgingham, MI

    "I loved the British lingo. This book has been passed around my entire group of friends"

  • Stacy G.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "Maybe slightly below 'love', but it was enjoyable and kept me guessing. Sometimes a bit unbelievable, (sometimes a lot!) but though long, it did not feel so and moved quickly."

  • Debbie W.

    Riverside , CA

    "Liked the story and the prior friendship made it all the more interesting. 4.1/5 "

  • Noa H.

    La Canada, CA

    "The thriller genre usually leaves me disappointed.....not this one.....even at at its long length....thoroughly entertaining!!"

  • Lauren L.

    Mountain Brook, AL

    "I will definitely be picking up his other books as I thoroughly enjoyed this legal thriller!"

  • Melissa A.

    Elizabeth, NJ