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The Wangs vs the World

We’re happy to support debut authors, including Jade Chang with The Wangs vs the World.

by Jade Chang

Quick take

Where do we go when we have nothing? Home. It's where we reclaim and revive our purest selves.

Why I love it

When discussing Asian American writing there are two common traps:

1: Assuming that Asian stories are the same as Asian American stories. (They're not!)
2: Assuming that Asian Americans characters are just "regular people" in a story unaffected by their ethnicity.

Jade Chang's funny, effusive, heartfelt novel The Wangs vs. the World defies both traps. It's not a story about Asians, but a...

Member thoughts

27% Love
50% Like
19% Dislike
  • Ashley L.

    Sherman oaks , CA

    "I was surprised at how much I connected with the characters. In hindsight, the ending seems inevitable but it still surprised me and brought me to tears. It was like I knew the Wangs in my own life."

  • Myla T.

    Kansas City, MO

    "Not my usual type of book, but loved it."

  • Jackie F.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    "I really enjoyed this book. I like reading books on other cultures. This book was hard to put down. "

  • Stacy L.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "A funny, poignant and quick read. I felt bad for the Wangs and the circumstances that led to their downfall. I was interested in all of the different characters stories."

  • Jodi P.

    Vancouver , WA

    "I loved the multiple perspectives of this book, the complicated messy characters, and the dry humor. "

  • Brandy H.

    Phoenix, AZ

    "I enjoyed this but didn't LOVE it. It was a little slow, and having to feel sorry for these spoiled brats got old after awhile. "

  • Meaghan B.

    Pontiac, MI

    "I loved the character development and detail by Chang! Loved the idea of the family and personal mythologies we build for ourselves throughout the book."

  • Biota M.

    Hartford, CT

    "Loved the perspectives from an immigrant Chinese American family! The characters are rich (for a short while), privileged, and sometimes downright annoying but what an entertaining and addictive read."

  • Kristin M.

    Long Beach, CA

    "This is one dysfunctional family! The core and heart of the story was a father who wanted to bring his family back together and share his past with them."

  • Rilee F.

    Columbus, OH

    "It's slow but great! "

  • Megan A.

    Kansas City, MO

    " I loved this multiple POV novel about a Chinese American family experiencing a group crisis as well as individual failures, forcing them to each redefine what success means for themselves."