Theft by Finding

by David Sedaris

Quick take

A must-read for any Sedaris fan ... the perfect book to catch your eye and tickle your funny bone.

Why I love it

Master of the humorous essay (and Book of the Month Judge), David Sedaris has built a career based on his witty observations about everyday life, and his diaries contain a treasure trove of raw material that shaped his distinctive writing. Theft by Finding is a 24-year spree of notes, recounted conversations (that ear for dialogue as honed as ever!), Christmas lists, overheard jokes, recipes, and...

Member thoughts

48% Love
36% Like
9% Dislike
  • Laura Jean W.

    Erie, PA

    "Appreciated reading author's diary in chronological order. Gave me a fuller understanding of him & his life."

  • Jeff O.

    Orem, UT

    "David Sedaris fans will love this behind-the-scenes look into his mind. He details the events surrounding many of his most famous stories. "

  • Sarah A.

    Brooklyn , NY

    "Love Sedaris and this book feels like Christmas came early! Can't wait for part 2. "

  • Tawny M.

    Spring, TX

    "If you read Sedaris you know his sense of humor and his strange way of being. Reading his diary entries made me wish I could hang out with him even more."

  • Meghan F.

    Alexandria , VA

    "Always love David Sedaris's writing and love to that I get to take a peek into the inner workings of his mind."

  • Maria P.

    Philomath, OR

    "The practice of documenting life in word is so appealing. I found myself thinking about my own life - the big moments we document & small the moments we forget entirely when their is no documentation."

  • Marissa R.

    Tucson, AZ

    "There is absolutely nothing extraordinary about this. I probably will never reread it, but it's just fun and intriguing stepping into the head of such a fantastic writer even when the topic is mundane"

  • Cindy C.

    Lumberton , TX

    "Humor and life."

  • Krista H.


    "I was so excited to see that botm had this available! This is probably for true Sedaris fans only as some of the earlier years can be little less interesting but as a fan I absolutely loved it all!"

  • Lisa H.

    Cary, NC

    "I love love love David Sedaris. TBF v.1 is wonderful-- his observations of those around him are poignant, hilarious, and ring true. It made me look at those around me with fresh eyes too."

  • Amber G.

    North Liberty, IA

    "I've loved this authors books for a good decade now. "