Top Ten

by Katie Cotugno

BOTM endorsement

Book of the Month judge Katie Cotugno not only selects the best YA titles for the club, she also writes them. Her latest, Top Ten, follows two high school students on the night of their graduation. Ga...

Member thoughts

  • "Loved this YA novel. The ending was not what I expected, but it ended perfectly."

  • "A fast but awesome read. "

  • "A great YA novel! The ending definitely surprised me. I would recommend."

  • "I would love to have a best friend relationship like this but was kind of upset their romantic relationship failed in the end. "

  • "Lovely characters, super easy read with an unpredictable ending, but feels more like a script for a fluffy YA movie."

  • "Character development was eh... overall, just disappointed!"

  • "A YA romance novels that should have just been about a non romantic friendship between a male a female. "