Young Adult

Turtles All the Way Down

by John Green

Why I love it

From everyone's favorite young adult author (no, really, ask your mom!) comes his latest sure-to-delight novel. John Green has been more than a little secretive about the contents of Turtles All the Way Down, so we can't tell you much'”we haven't even been allowed to read it till the end! He is truly the king of avoiding spoilers. But here's what we can say: Turtles follows the friendship of two c...

Member thoughts

51% Love
39% Like
8% Dislike
  • Gillian M.

    Peachtree Corners, GA

    "This book clearly articulates anxiety and mental illness, as well as the complexities of female friendships."

  • Myndi K.

    Fort Smith, AR

    "Love the characters John Green creates. They are so defined that you feel like you become them as you are reading the book. "

  • Emily A.

    Salinas, CA

    "Loved every minute inside Aza's head! What a beautiful look into living with mental illness and the way life molds around it."

  • Kylee D.

    Rancho Cordova, CA

    "I honestly didn't think I would enjoy this book as much as I did. But it was thought-provoking, and the characters were so well defined that they pulled me right in. Highly recommend!"

  • Kari S.

    Wausau, WI

    "What I love about John Green is his refusal to dumb-down teenagers, even when tackling hard real-world issues. Plus a near perfect ending. I was left with an understanding that I didn't have before."

  • Karen B.

    Stanhope, NJ

    "Absolutely awesome!!"

  • Katelyn L.

    Bloomington , IN

    "I have never read a John Green book before, but I quite enjoyed this one :)"

  • Raisa A.

    San Bernardino, CA

    "Loved this story! "

  • Meredith L.

    Chicago, IL

    "Fun! I think this is a YA book and I read it in one sitting - cute book."

  • Jennifer R.

    Rock Port, MO

    "A book about growing up, dealing with crippling obstacles and still remaining hopeful. This book is exactly what you'd expect from JG and much more. Gripping emotions beautifully written."

  • Talitha M.

    Abilene, TX

    "I really really loved this book, but I love John Green, so I was already prepared for a great book and story. Good strong characters. Mostly females, which I loved. "