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Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore
Literary fiction


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by Elizabeth Wetmore

Quick take

A brutal crime divides the strong-willed women of a Texas oil town in this profoundly feminist account of survival.

Good to know

  • Heavy read

  • Slow build

  • Unlikeable narrator

  • Graphic violence


This novel is told through multiple points of view in a very literary style. Readers looking for a serious book are encouraged!

Why I love it

I discovered Valentine when a friend, who is a bookseller by trade, recommended it to me. From the beginning, I was drawn to the book’s setting: a western corner of my home state of Texas. I also immediately felt my heritage in this novel, even glimpsing my grandma Jenna—a homemaker who never graduated from college but taught me every constellation in the sky—in the women of Valentine. But you do...


It’s February 1976, and Odessa, Texas, stands on the cusp of the next great oil boom. While the town’s men embrace the coming prosperity, its women intimately know and fear the violence that always seems to follow.

In the early hours of the morning after Valentine’s Day, fourteen-year-old Gloria Ramírez appears on the front porch of Mary Rose Whitehead’s ranch house, broken and barely alive. The ...


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