What She Knew

by Gilly Macmillan

We’re happy to support debut authors, including Gilly Macmillan with What She Knew.

Quick take

Macmillan keeps the tension building—this is an up-til-3-am kind of read—without skimping on substance or character development.

Why I love it

Thrillers aren't my go-to genre, but there's a certain kind of crime drama—British, psychologically nuanced, helmed by a damaged, sexy P.I.—that never fails to put me in its thrall. Think Kate Atkinson's Case Histories or ITV's Broadchurch (and if you haven't had the pleasure in either case, fix that now). I wasn't expecting this debut to meet my standards, but boy does What She Knew deliver.

The ...

Member thoughts

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  • Julia C.

    Chicago, IL

    "Loved, can't wait to read more by this author!"

  • Mary Ann L.

    Reno, NV

    "I enjoyed this book and trying to figure out the mystery. It had a good pace and interesting plot. I thought the inclusion of social media was an novel take. "

  • Stephanie N.

    Amarillo, TX

    "I really enjoyed this one and have since read it again! One of the best mysteries of the year."

  • Lauren F.

    Williamsburg, KY

    "I read it all in one sitting. Once I started reading I was hooked, and couldn't stop until it was finished. "

  • Lauren S.


    "Great read, and kept me on my toes! Definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good mystery. "

  • Tabitha S.

    Dalton, GA

    "Kept me guessing"

  • Rachel Y.

    San Francisco, CA

    "One of the best mysteries I read in 2016. Fans of Gone Girl should flock to this book. "

  • Amanda S.

    Chesapeake , VA

    "This book had me guessing all the way to the end! Great read with an awesome author!"

  • Maria G.

    Cincinnati, OH

    "Loved it! Kept me guessing until the end!"

  • Melissa A.

    Elizabeth, NJ


  • Kristen c.

    Walworth, NY