White Fur

by Jardine Libaire

Quick take

Their love burns with the fire of a thousand suns, the way all first great loves do, and everything that transpires between them stokes that fire deeper.

BOTM endorsement

Star-crossed lovers lead completely opposite lives yet find themselves living next door to each other. Jamey is a legacy trust-fund kid studying at Yale; Elise a streetwise girl from the Connecticut p...


From the publisher:

When Elise Perez meets Jamey Hyde on a desolate winter afternoon, fate implodes, and neither of their lives will ever be the same. Although they are next-door neighbors in New Ha...

Member thoughts

25% Love
46% Like
27% Dislike
  • "Loved this book so much. Couldn't put it down. Elise and Jamey 4ever!!!"

  • "Develops the characters quickly and the writing is SO creative! I couldn't put it down "

  • "It took me a while to really root for Jayme and Elise's relationship. It wasn't until they moved in together that I really liked them as a couple. I have loved them ever since"

  • "A swoon-worthy read. White Fur is so beautifully wrought I honestly don't have the words to fully convey how much I adored this book! "

  • "Girl from the wrong side of the tracks meets a boy from a privileged upper east side. Classic story, meets modern struggles. I would recommend this for most readers. "

  • "Writing style difficult to follow in beginning, but after a few chapters...hooked, unable to put it down! "

  • "A modern Romeo and Juliet that I couldn't get enough of."

  • "There were sentences in this book that were so exquisitely beautiful."

  • "Very thought-provoking. Strong writing, could not put the book. Huge twist in the end!"

  • "Beautiful prose, super sexy and a great summer read."

  • "I loved this book. I couldn't stop reading it. I felt like I was in the book with them spying for another building. Great book!"