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Wild Game by Adrienne Brodeur

Wild Game

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by Adrienne Brodeur

Quick take

You know when you realize your parents aren't superheroes but real, flawed people? This is a lot like that.

Good to know

  • Cerebral

  • Love triangle

  • Literary

  • Marriage issues

Why I love it

I’m not a big nonfiction reader, but I devoured Wild Game (pun intended). As a mother of three kids, I’m acutely aware of the role I have in their life and appreciate the sacred gift to usher them into adulthood. Maybe that explains my shock and utter dismay over this true story of the author Adrienne’s relationship with her mother, Malabar. The ways in which Malabar repeatedly crossed lines that...


On a hot July night on Cape Cod when Adrienne was fourteen, her mother, Malabar, woke her at midnight with five simple words that would set the course of both of their lives for years to come: Ben Souther just kissed me.

Adrienne instantly became her mother’s confidante and helpmate, blossoming in the sudden light of her attention, and from then on, Malabar came to rely on her daughter to help ...


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