Literary Fiction

Woman No. 17

by Edan Lepucki

Quick take

Lepucki anchors this wild ride with keen observations and sympathy for her unmoored creations'”it’s the kind of book you’ll find yourself underlining.

Why I love it

Some books pull you in from the very first sentence; this one had me at the dedication. It reads: 'œTo my mother, who always says, 'If you’re bored, read a book.’' My mother said that too! (She also said, 'œI’ve never been bored in my life,' which was less helpful. So blamey! Like her head was a wonderland and mine must be empty inside!)

Sorry. Where was I?

Mother issues. We all have them. This ...


A sinister, sexy noir about art, motherhood, and the intensity of female friendships, set in the posh hills above Los Angeles, from the bestselling author of _California_.

High in the Hollywood Hills, writer Lady Daniels has decided to take a break from her husband. Left alone with her children, she's going to need a hand taking care of her young son if she's ever going to finish her memoir. I...

Member thoughts

30% Love
53% Like
13% Dislike
  • Sarah D.

    Boston, MA

    "I love Lady, and I love S, and I REALLY love Mr. Shapiro. Such an interesting, riveting book with incredible character development."

  • Carolyn N.

    Norfolk, VA

    "This book was beautifully written. An interesting look into female relationships and such a creative story. Would definitely recommend. "

  • Vanessa G.

    Warrensburg, MO

    "The characters were relatable. "

  • Jennifer R.

    Rock Port, MO

    "Right from the start, I loved the narrator, I loved the setting, I loved the foreshadowing of what was coming. Great read! "

  • Jennifer H.

    Cypress, TX

    "As a mother with a blended family and have employed a nanny in the past, I really enjoyed this book. Thankfully, my home life has less drama!"

  • Noa H.

    La Canada, CA

    "Wow......I basically couldn't put this down, part of having to do with living in Los well-written.....really felt these characters and all their flaws......."

  • Dain F.

    Trempealeau, WI

    "Loved, loved loved. So thought provoking, especially if you already have any "mom" issues! "

  • Nicole T.

    Lewiston, NY

    "Favorite read in a long time. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Perfect book about everything and nothing at the same time. "

  • Khara S.

    Princeton Junction, NJ

    "The alternating narrators make the reader feel like they're having coffee and hearing the story firsthand. "

  • Jordan C.

    Houston, TX

    "These characters have stuck with me for months after reading. "

  • Penny M.

    Lusby, MD

    "This one will stick with you"