Young Adult

You Will Know Me

by Megan Abbott

Quick take

Perfectly ties together a fascination with the adolescent psyche, the hysteria of small-town cynicism, and the secrets that young people keep among themselves.

Why I love it

Nobody writes about teenagers better than Megan Abbott. The teens of You Will Know Me are elite gymnasts with dreams of making it to the Olympic squad. They sacrifice all of the things that 'œnormal teenagers' take for granted '” sleep, social lives, even food '“ all in the name of their immense ambitions. But a sudden tragedy sends the hopefuls'”and their coaches and parents'”into a panic, ques...

Member thoughts

26% Love
61% Like
12% Dislike
  • Sheri L.

    Birmgingham, MI

    "A disturbing insight into people's character."

  • Shannon T.

    Sterling Heights, MI

    "As a former gymnast, my rating goes from "liked" to "loved." Admittedly biased, but I believe the author to be very talented."

  • Krista T.

    Carlisle, PA

    "I enjoyed this read. Parts of it were unbelievable, but it was a pretty good mystery."

  • Stacy L.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "Wow. I got really caught up in this book and Devon's story and what really happened in the accident, the dynamic between friends and the secrets that young girls keep."

  • Amber B.

    Los Alamos, NM

    "Despite seeing the ending coming from a mile away, this was still a fabulous read. The characters are really well-written and it will leave you thinking!"

  • Courtney K.

    North Irwin, PA

    "A harrowing tale about a family who will stop at nothing to achieve success! So many twists throughout, this one will be nearly impossible to put down!"

  • Lydia R.

    thornton, CO

    "loved this story, was a real page turner could not stop reading."

  • Meaghan B.

    Pontiac, MI

    "I love the perspective from the mother of the superhuman gymnast; we always think about the athlete, but rarely how far their support system will go to achieve their collective dream. "

  • Joanie A.

    Lake Zurich, IL

    "Provocative story about the perils of pushing your kids too hard, even when it's too fulfill a dream."

  • Khara S.

    Princeton Junction, NJ

    "Well-written, creepy... Could NOT put it down!"

  • Emily T.

    Brooklyn, NY

    "An amazing book peering into the minds of a family whose child is on the brink of athletic stardom. I loved it."