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Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Behind Her Eyes

by Sarah Pinborough

Quick take

This novel isn’t just a who-dun-it. This novel is a what-the-f*ck-even-got-dun.

Why I love it

Cristina Arreola
BOTM Judge

Every time I read a thriller, I imagine myself in a race against the author. I ask myself, "Can I guess the big twist before the author reveals it?" always confident that the answer is yes. Still, I stay up late into the night finishing these books. I read until daylight breaks. I read until I know for certain that my theory is correct.

I was dead wrong about the ending of Behind Her Eyes.

When I shut the pages of Sarah Pinborough’s novel, I experienced a peculiar sense of terror, admiration, and satisfaction. I closed the book, clenched my eyes, and tried mightily to fall asleep. But just as I began to retreat to the safety of my dreams, I remembered: it’s not safe there either.

You’ll find out what I mean.

So with sleep out of the question, I flipped the novel to the front cover and began to read again; this time, I savored each clue, each character, each turn of phrase. I saw then that the author had wasted absolutely nothing. Each and every sentence inches the story closer to its intoxicating ending.

Read our exclusive Q&A with Judge Cristina Arreola

Behind Her Eyes begins as domestic thrillers often do: at a breaking point between a husband and wife. David is a handsome, successful psychologist, and Adele is his lovely, troubled wife. The pair have abruptly moved to London, and in their new home, David strikes up an affair with his receptionist, a single mother named Louise. There is, of course, more to the story—much more—which I won’t mention at this point. But I will say that the tension builds steadily, page after page.

Behind Her Eyes stumped and electrified me. What I failed to see is that Sarah Pinborough is playing an entirely new game. This novel isn’t just a who-dun-it. This novel is a what-the-fuck-even-got-dun.

My advice for reading this novel? Don’t rush it. Don’t read it alone. Don’t spoil the ending for your friends.

Read our exclusive Q&A with Judge Cristina Arreola

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  • Austin, TX

    This book gives up too much too soon. It feels like this author just said, “Know what? Screw this, I'm doin' it”, and then went for it. Seriously. She WENT for it. Sickeningly delicious storytelling!

  • Island Park, NY

    Incredible page turned—holy cow that last paragraph! I couldn’t put it down!! Pinborough does an excellent job bouncing around from different POV’s and characters—from first to third person and back.

  • Westminster, CO

    This book came with a note that said “you think you know how it ends? You’re wrong. Trust me.” And that was 100% true - the ending absolutely shocked me! I read this book in two evenings. Very good!!

  • Waxahachie , TX

    I read a book over 15 years ago with a similar “dream” premise as this one and I never forgot it. A page-turner, this ending was so unexpected and shocking that I know I won’t forget this one either.

  • New Rochelle, NY

    While knowing there would be a huge twist played a role in keeping me captivated, I couldn’t get over this book once I finished. I knew SOMETHING was being kept secret,but I never would’ve guessed it!

  • Randolph , NJ

    That ending! A great read that kept me guessing. I usually like trying to figure out the twists and this one made me guess until the end and even then I was thinking “is she doing this?” And she did.

  • San Francisco, CA

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ What an amazing ride!! Great story-telling and imagination from this author. I zipped right through this book! And the ending had the plot twists of all plot twists! ????

  • Mc Kee, KY

    Wow...just wow. I thought so many times that I had the story figured out, but nope! What an ending!! Would have read in one sitting if I hadn’t started late at night. Fast paced and edge of your seat!

  • Jasper, TN

    This was such a fascinating read. You really had no idea what was really going on until the very last chapter of the book. It left you pondering the question, "Is this even possible?" Great story! ????

  • Pierz, MN

    I loved the way you never knew what was happening next. The ending was the most shocking. I just wanted to keep reading and not stop. I wanted to know what was happening. I would definitely recommend

  • Millsboro, DE

    I couldn't put this down! It was so addicting! I found myself discussing the characters with my husband. I even wondered about them when I wasn't reading. Nothing could prepare me for the ending. Love

  • Broomfield, CO

    If you loved Gone Girl, if you enjoyed Girl on a Train, if you like reading books with endings that will blow your mind THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. My mind was stuck on the plot for days after finishing it.

  • El Paso, TX

    This book was so awesome. I couldn't put it down & ended up speeding through it in less than 12 hours. It's been awhile since I've found a book that sucked me in this much. & that ending! 1 word: WOW.

  • Reading, PA

    I love a good, twisty read and this book was just that. I did guess a bit of the ending but not until I was almost there, but then the author threw you one more surprise right on the very last pages.

  • Hebron, IN

    When I finished reading this I thought Holy Sh**!!! I had no idea the ending would be what it was. You don't figure this one out until the last few pages. It's been a long time since that happened!

  • Wellington, CO

    This book is a must read. Through the entire novel I thought I had the ending figured out. I was dead wrong. The character development & plot twists made this book both intriguing & highly satisfying.

  • Trenton, TX

    I am absolutely blown away!!!! I thought I had figured out where it was going but I couldn't imagine how insane the answer I was dying for would be! I couldn't put this one down, I'll never forget it!

  • Carol stream, IL

    What a twist at the end of the book! The book had me guessing the whole time and I couldn't wait to get to the end. Even getting close to the end I thought I knew what was happening but really didn'

  • Fort Wayne, IN

    Throughout the whole novel, I was trying to figure out which character was the psycho. Great read and kept me guessing. Reminds me of the film "Skeleton Key" Passing this book to my mom and sister.

  • Suwanee, GA

    Loved that it was a fast paced, new take on both the thriller genre as well as the love triangle idea. Not sure I loved the twist of "how they were able to do that" but I still loved the story a lot.

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