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Behind Her Eyes + BOTM Tote by Julie Buntin

Behind Her Eyes + BOTM Tote

by Julie Buntin

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  • Oswego, NY

    You can't help but feel bad for Adele but then again not really because you wonder what in the world is she really up too. She plotting the whole time. I love that it kept me on the edge of my seat.

  • Pearl, MS

    This book was thrilling in all the right ways. You relate to Louise, feel bad for Adele, and then BOOM! everything is 100% switched up at the end. Wish more books were like this one! Love!

  • Virginia beach, VA

    The twist ending is worth every bit. I always think I'm so smart and I'll figure things out but NO I was completely wrong. Twice! The secrets will keep you hooked!

  • Edmonds , WA

    Killer twist at the end. Omg worthy

  • Milton, FL

  • Searcy, AR

    I didn't think this was a book I would normally like. I kept trying to figure out if it was a romance or if it was going to be a thriller. I enjoyed the twist! All I could say was wow!

  • San Jose, CA

    I could not believe this ending! I was definitely sucked into the story all the way through. I really wanted to know how it ended and I definitely did not expect that.

  • Chandler , AZ

    This book had me pulled in the entire time! LOVED the drama! Wasn't a huge fan of the ending.

  • Mission viejo , CA

    I really enjoyed this book. It definitely surprised me!

  • Murrieta, CA

    This was the best book that I have got from BOTM so far

  • Little rock , AR

    Did not see thg twist coming!

  • Riverside, CA

  • McKinney, TX

  • Charlotte, NC