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Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

Invisible Girl

Repeat author
Lisa Jewell is back at Book of the Month – other BOTMs include Then She Was Gone and Watching You and The Family Upstairs and The Night She Disappeared.

by Lisa Jewell

Quick take

A missing girl, the dark web, and neighbors who lurk in the shadows. Lisa Jewell delivers another grade-A suspense.

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Why I love it

Brianna Goodman
BOTM Editorial Team

At a time that feels plagued by uncertainty, I’ve been taking great comfort in the things I can rely on: Alex Trebek’s dulcet tones every weeknight at 7pm; the explosion of memes welcoming the internet to PSL season; butter’s ability to make kale edible (don’t @ me); and the reliable satisfaction of a Lisa Jewell thriller.

Jewell’s latest follows the lives of three dissatisfied people: There’s Cate, a physiotherapist and mom of two who worries about the state of her marriage with therapist Roan. There’s Saffyre, a teenager with a traumatic past who feels slighted by the abrupt ending to her sessions with Roan. And there’s Owen, Cate and Roan’s 30-something neighbor whose loneliness leads him down a dark path on the internet. The book begins with Saffyre’s disappearance on Valentine’s night, and as this zigzag story unfolds, we learn the dark secrets that thread their lives together.

Jewell is a master at weaving a tale that’s unpredictable, deeply creepy, and that pushes the boundaries of what’s taboo. Invisible Girl is no exception. It’s unexpected and often uncomfortable, with villainous characters you’ll be glad to never meet. In a Halloween season that’s anything but ordinary, if you too are looking for a sure thing, look no further than the disturbingly brilliant mind of Lisa Jewell.

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Owen Pick’s life is falling apart.

In his thirties, a virgin, and living in his aunt’s spare bedroom, he has just been suspended from his job as a geography teacher after accusations of sexual misconduct, which he strongly denies. Searching for professional advice online, he is inadvertently sucked into the dark world of incel—involuntary celibate—forums, where he meets the charismatic, mysterious, and sinister Bryn.

Across the street from Owen lives the Fours family, headed by mom Cate, a physiotherapist, and dad Roan, a child psychologist. But the Fours family have a bad feeling about their neighbor Owen. He’s a bit creepy and their teenaged daughter swears he followed her home from the train station one night.

Meanwhile, young Saffyre Maddox spent three years as a patient of Roan Fours. Feeling abandoned when their therapy ends, she searches for other ways to maintain her connection with him, following him in the shadows and learning more than she wanted to know about Roan and his family. Then, on Valentine’s night, Saffyre Maddox disappears—and the last person to see her alive is Owen Pick.

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Get an early look from the first pages of Invisible Girl.

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  • Murray, UT

    This is a thrilling mystery that’ll keep you questioning everyone. It is filled with twists and turns until the last page & it’ll make you wonder how easy it is to overlook the evil in another person.

  • Baton Rouge, LA

    There’s just something about a Lisa Jewell book that makes me feel like I’m curled up next to a fire in the middle of winter, all cozied up under a blanket with nothing to worry about except reading.

  • Huntersville , NC

    Everyone has a story and some people aren’t as good as they pretend to be. Told from several viewpoints, this book leaves you guessing as more secrets are reveled. Thought provoking and well written.

  • Sherman, NY

    A wonderful novel about fighting your demons & not judging a book by its cover. The multiple viewpoints build a well-rounded story & makes you realize that maybe you truly don’t know those around you

  • Minneapolis, MN

    This was one of the few thrillers I’ve read recently where I truly could not guess the ending! A real page turner where, when it all came together, it felt genuine and not dramatic for the sake of it.

  • Saint Cloud , MN

    Part one was slow moving in my opinion but picked up full speed once we hit part two! Couldn’t put it down at that point! However still kind of questioning & curious about the very end which kills me!

  • Albuquerque , NM

    I’d like to believe I’m pretty good at guessing the ending of a book before it happens or catching the culprit before they’re revealed. But not with this book. If you like plot twists, read this!

  • Granville , NY

    This is only the second Lisa Jewell book I’ve read, but I really enjoyed it. I liked trying to figure out what was going on, and finding out it was something different. Look forward to reading more.

  • Riverview, FL

    Honestly, I felt the end was a let down, there was all this build up for a character that wasn't even part of the story until the very end like, oh this random person that we know nothing about. Okay.

  • Michigan City, IN

    Jewell has quickly become one of my top thriller authors that when they release something, anything, I must read it. This book was no different. Really enjoyed this story, did not want to put it down.

  • Troy, IL

    There are problems in the Fours family. Owen, who lives across the street, is being accused of sexual misconduct. And Saphyre goes missing. It's all somehow related with twists and turns along the way

  • Denver, CO

    Another great book from Lisa Jewell! I read this in a day! Couldn't wait to find out what would happen next. Characters are well developed and suspenseful plot! Makes you wonder who people really are

  • wolfeboro, NH

    I find Lisa Jewell's books to be very hit or miss. And Then She Was Gone is one of my favorite thrillers ever but I just listed to I Found You and HATED it. But this was on the better end of her books

  • Granville , MA

    I devoured This book in one sitting! It was edgy and gripping and just like a Lisa Jewell title, a total mystery until the very end! Jewell is one of my fave authors and this title did not disappoint.

  • Katy, TX

    The story moves fast, no extra fluff which I appreciate. Multiple povs and all are interesting. Dynamic characters and a continued change in perspective on each of them. Love all of Lisa Jewels novels

  • San Antonio, TX

    I couldn’t put it down & finished it in two days. Lisa Jewell has become one of my favorite authors & she does not disappoint! Multiple points of view & I enjoyed how the characters fit in together.

  • Walhalla, SC

    In the competitive class of todays great thrill writers, Jewell is in the top tier among Sager & Ware. Yet again, she delivers well paced suspense & characters of depth, gripping from start to finish.

  • Henderson, NV

    This story took me by surprise! A captivating page-turner and thought provoking mystery that delves into some deep topics. I keep thinking about it! And the more i think about it the more i like it.

  • Perkasie , PA

    I have loved all of Lisa Jewell's books, and this one is no exception. The characters intersect in surprising ways and at times it's hard to decipher who is a suspect and who is a victim. Quick read!

  • Bristol, CT

    This was a great thought out thriller that really resonated with me. I loved the spunky character Saffyre and loved her character development. At first I didn't care for cate but she did grow on me.

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