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People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd

People Like Her

We love supporting debut authors. Congrats, Ellery Lloyd, on your first book!
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by Ellery Lloyd

Quick take

Warning: This addictive suspense about an influencer and one creepy follower might just make you swear off your phone.

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This book contains plot points about infertility, miscarriage, and child abuse.

Why I love it

Laura Hankin
Author, Happy & You Know It

Recently, I fell into a mom influencer hole. (For book research! But also because I became obsessed!) These beautiful women with their well-behaved children were obviously presenting their lives as more perfect than they actually were, I decided. Then People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd came along to thrillingly upend my assumptions, through the twisty story of a mother who makes herself more of a mess to rake in the followers and the chilling consequences that follow. Imagine Gone Girl with a Momstagram account.

The husband and wife team behind the author’s pseudonym has fittingly written from the dueling perspectives of a married couple, Emmy and Dan Jackson. As Emmy’s mom account @the_mamabare grows more popular and less truthful, the cracks in their marriage deepen. Both protagonists are fascinating, but they’re not alone. We also get a third, unnamed narrator, who follows Emmy’s blog not for the #parentingtips, but because she wants revenge. The why and the how will shock you.

Smart, propulsive, and biting, People Like Her is a cautionary tale about the dangers of letting millions of strangers into your life. But it’s also about family, love, and how deeply we long for others to see us. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give to this novel about social media addiction is that, while reading it, I wasn’t once tempted to reach for my phone.

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To her adoring fans, Emmy Jackson, aka @the_mamabare, is the honest “Instamum” who always tells it like it is.

To her skeptical husband, a washed-up novelist who knows just how creative Emmy can be with the truth, she is a breadwinning powerhouse chillingly brilliant at monetizing the intimate details of their family life.

To one of Emmy’s dangerously obsessive followers, she’s the woman that has everything—but deserves none of it.

As Emmy’s marriage begins to crack under the strain of her growing success and her moral compass veers wildly off course, the more vulnerable she becomes to a very real danger circling ever closer to her family.

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Get an early look from the first pages of People Like Her.

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  • Lexington, KY

    I love a good suspense that doesn’t dawdle. That doesn’t put on airs. 3 POV’s, all so real, honest, and entertaining. The subject may be triggering but imo, my fav thriller ever by BOTM in four years!

  • Waynesboro, PA

    Whew, that was a twisty one! It’s not too often a thriller can still surprise me today, but I didn’t see any of these twists coming. Timely and thought-provoking. A fun read with just enough substance

  • Clermont, FL

    Very interesting view of influencers’ lives. I liked the multiple viewpoints and thought the storyline was well paced. The last part was a real page turner and I was truly worried—glad I kept reading!

  • Casa Grande, AZ

    An insight into the sometimes ugly world of social media. Specifically in this book, Instagram. The suspense slowly built as it becomes plain how being an “influencer” effects so many people in so way

  • Las Vegas, NV

    In today’s world of social media, this story is all too relevant. I find myself wondering if blogger’s mean what they post or if it’s just part of “the job.” This book really got me thinking…

  • Tacoma, WA

    I was pretty sure i would enjoy this book, but it blew my expectations out of the water if i’m being honest! Perfectly plotted & paced; the multiple perspectives also really worked well in my opinion.

  • Coeur d Alene, ID

    Book of the Month really does thrillers right! Several narrators, all a little fucked up, a compelling story, and several plot lines to keep you guessing. It’s a great read about the dark side of fame

  • Mingo Junction , OH

    This book was so good! It kept me entertained and on the edge of my seat! The characters were relatable and the ending wasn’t what I thought was going to happen. I love this book from beginning to end

  • Cedar Rapids, IA

    People like her is an amazing suspense novel- I couldn’t put it down! You’ll have a hard time determining if you love or hate Emmy during the roller coaster that is People Like Her. 100% recommend.

  • Edmond, OK

    A fun take on the modern Insta-mom, with all the behind-the-scenes info to make you feel better about your not-so-curated feed. Oh, and it’s a dang good mystery/thriller read to boot! Win win win, yes

  • San Jose, CA

    This book started off a bit slow for me but with little pieces here and there that kept me thinking... what’s gonna come next. This is a great wake up call for what could be out there in social media

  • Norman, OK

    There is no hero in this book. Nobody is likeable—there is no one to root for. But it was well-paced and entertaining. The online influencer angle sets it apart from other thrillers that run together.

  • halethorpe, MD

    Despite being disinterested in social media & psyc thrillers,I loved this book. Just when I was starting to feel reader’s fatigue, something would happen and jolt me back in for another 5 chapters.

  • Westfield, IN

    A good depiction of the cost of internet fame and the moral slippery slope of finding an “authentic” online voice. Personally, I wouldn’t consider this a thriller/creepy like it’s advertised.

  • Plainfield, IL

    I am an anti-social media type so this book really registered with me! It was so relatable and something that could really happen! As a Mother, it had me flipping the pages fast! It’s an eye opener.

  • Millsboro, DE

    Totally changed the way I view celebs on Instagram! Now I'm super suspicious! Really did love this book! Most of the characters were difficult to like, but I think that was the point. Love the twists!

  • Astoria, NY

    I didn't expect to love this book- it was full of twists and turns. I'm pretty sure I loathed every single character but they all were written powerfully. It was a true love/hate read in the best way

  • Shady Side, MD

    CHILLS! This book was INCREDIBLE! By far one of the best books I have read this year!I loved the twists and the secrets! When I thought I knew what happened there was another twist! Hopes for a sequel

  • New Brockton, AL

    OK let me start saying it has very realistic characters, sadly. I was very disappointed in the father. It also shows what’s wrong with our society that they will take some influencers word as law!

  • Denton, TX

    A suspenseful page-turner! I loved it. As a mother of young children, it was particularly disturbing. Explores the (very) dark side of social media but ends with you questioning how dark it really is.

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