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Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane

Since We Fell

by Dennis Lehane

Quick take

Lehane knows when to pull back and take his time with the story, and when to up the tension and white-knuckle it to the finish.

Why I love it

Sarah Weinman

On a Tuesday in May, in her thirty-seventh year, Rachel shot her husband dead.' Who wouldn't want to keep reading Since We Fell after a throat-grabbing opening line like that? And the novel will take us back to this point, eventually, but not before we learn exactly how Rachel got there.

This is how long I have been reading Dennis Lehane: I remember where I was, to the day and location, when I bought his 2001 masterpiece, Mystic River, in my opinion one of the best crime novels of this century. He continued to produce standout novels like  Shutter Island and The Given Day, and be the source of terrific motion pictures like Gone, Baby, Gone and The Drop. Lehane messes with your mind with puzzles, breaks your heart with complicated characters, and shines a light on the epic sweep of American crime history. He knows when to pull back and take his time with the story, and when to up the tension and white-knuckle it to the finish.

Since We Fell is not quite as gritty (or, frankly, as dude-ish) as Mystic River, but it’s about time Lehane gave a female protagonist her own enthralling story. Raised by a cold, neglectful mother, an improbable star in the world of self-help nonfiction, Rachel comes of age by searching for the absent father her mother does not want her to find. What she finds, and loses, along the way forms her very essence and nearly upends her life. Layer by layer, Lehane unspools Rachel's fears and anxieties with exacting skill, so that by the time she opens herself up to love'”and is betrayed, again and again by doing so'”we are with her, hoping she will overcome unspeakable physical and emotional injury.

Since We Fell is the embodiment of the 'œliterary thriller.' The plot twists as fast and as sharp as your favorite roller coaster, but not until we've gone far inside Rachel Childs's mind to fully know and care about her. Savor the book first, then be prepared to keep pace at the end.

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The new novel from Dennis Lehane, bestselling author of Mystic River and Shutter Island.

"Lehane is the master of complex human characters thrust into suspenseful, page-turning situations."
—Gillian Flynn

Since We Fell follows Rachel Childs, a former journalist who, after an on-air mental breakdown, now lives as a virtual shut-in. In all other respects, however, she enjoys an ideal life with an ideal husband. Until a chance encounter on a rainy afternoon causes that ideal life to fray. As does Rachel's marriage. As does Rachel herself. Sucked into a conspiracy thick with deception, violence, and possibly madness, Rachel must find the strength within herself to conquer unimaginable fears and mind-altering truths. By turns heart-breaking, suspenseful, romantic, and sophisticated, Since We Fell is a novel of profound psychological insight and tension. It is Dennis Lehane at his very best.

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  • Wallingford, CT

    I enjoyed every page of this book! It was a tumultuous ride! It was almost like three books in one; Rachel's journey was a surreal experience and I kept thinking about it long after the book was over!

  • Charlotte, NC

    I always wondered what I would do if I suddenly found myself trust into a life of crime. Heavy backstory, and you need it. Halfway through, hang on, because things move quick! I'm still left guessing!

  • Blanchard , OK

    This book is incredibly well written. It is such a culmination of the love story, the tragically complicated girl then throw in action and mystery. This was my first to read by Lehane, truly fantastic

  • Hamlin, TX

    I couldn't put this book down. It took me all of two days to read this book from cover to cover. I loved the main character and the way the author developed two stories into one book so beautifully!!

  • West Roxbury, MA

    You could connect really well with the character and her emotions. It took a major twist at the end and then kept you on your toes until the very last page. I want to know what happens next....sequel!


    I love thrillers nd I love trying to figure them out before I finish the book, this one had me hooked from page 1 and the end left me speechless! Definitely recommended to anyone who wants a good read

  • bridgewater, MA

    Whew, what a page turner! Ive had this book for two years on my shelf and I regret not reading it sooner. Interesting character development that makes you like the bad guy? Loved this, new fave author

  • Wolcott, CT

    This is what happens when your life falls apart, and then gets put back together by someone who makes it fall apart again, only for you to realize you can put it back together & he actually loved you.

  • Salem , OR

    I had no idea what this book was about before stadting it &had absolutely no idea where this book was going. As someone who routinely complains about predictable books, I had so much fun reading this.

  • Tyngsboro , MA

    The book started out slow but once it got going it was impossible to put down!!! So many twists I was not expecting. I felt like I was there with the characters, it really pulls you in! Awesome book!!

  • Oklahoma City, OK

    Wow! I read this in one day. I had many theories along the way of where the story was going- all wrong! But Lehane is a master at twisting plots and surprising the reader with characters you root for!

  • cuyahoga Falls, OH

    Ok. so I read this book (all 420 pages) in one day. From the start, I couldn't put it down. It really examined a lot of human tendencies and psychology and yet was romantic and thrilling all at once!

  • Pawleys Island, SC

    I love books that have cliff hangers at the end of each chapter, and this one delivered. I devoured this book as fast as I could. 10/10 would read again. I hope the ending was setting up a sequel.

  • Charlotte, NC

    Wonderful book! I couldn't put it down The characters are well developed. I am rarely surprised by books, I can generally guess the ending by the time I am halfway in. Not with this book. Worth a read


    I could not stop reading this book. You begin learning about the main character and understanding her past before you see all of the choices she will have to make in the future going forward. Loved it

  • San Diego, CA

    In love with this book, I couldn't stop reading. The story is beautifully detailed in the beginning, and then takes a sharp and unstoppable turn. Love the detailed writing style and the story itself.

  • Silver Spring, MD

    I loved it, it started out at a slow pace letting you get to now and understand Rachel and POW the thrill just hits you like a ton of bricks! Once I got to the second half I couldn't put the book down

  • Perkasie, PA

    Excellent writing takes you through the multiple emotional layers of a complex woman's life as she deals with the twists and turns real life surprises you with. Riveting drama and unexpected outcomes.

  • Frisco, TX

    Since We Fell is an interesting read... I don't know how else to describe it. I'm not sure I've read another book written the way this one is. You're never quite sure what the point is, until you are.

  • Media, PA

    Takes off running from the very first sentence and never stops until the final words. I loved going through this journey with Rachel and sharing the surprises around every bend. Couldn't put it down!

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