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Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King

Sleeping Beauties

by Stephen King and Owen King

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What would men do in a world without women? Stephen King partners with his son Owen to create a near-future thriller in which all women have fallen into a trance-like sleep—all except for one. Sleeping Beauties follows two groups of men, with very different motives, who track the one immune woman in the world. It’s as all-consuming as you’ve come to expect from the master of the page-turner.

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  • Salem , OR

    This book was great. I absolutely loved the characters, as I aleays do with Stephen King novels. I wasnt sure I’d like it since it’s a collab, but it was really well written, creepy and a page-turner.

  • Fort Leavenworth, KS

    My first long Stephen King and I loved it. I was horrified at the description of life with no members of the opposite sex but I can’t disagree with it. As always, the Kings don’t hold in any punches.

  • Land O Lakes, FL

    I honestly don’t know where King comes up with his ideas but the inside of his brain must be fascinating! Pure King ingenuity, character development, and fantastical setting that I’ve come to expect!

  • Highland Park, NJ

    THIS BOOK IS AN ABSOLUTE REVELATION. I literally recommend this book to everyone who is willing to read it. It’s such a profound commentary on life, sacrifice, womanhood, patriarchy. It’s everything.

  • Jacksonville, FL

    I love everything from this author, not sure he could disappoint me!! I am also from the same home state and have even lived right down the street from his house and met him, he’s a very creative pers

  • Conway, AR

    Stephen King does it again. His attention to detail & intricacy left me craving more & more. Even I didn’t want to fall asleep for fear of the moths. Spine tingling and thought provoking, best combo!

  • Waukee, IA

    This was a great book! I sometimes feel like Stephen Kings books can get too long but this was the exception! The two writers meld wonderfully together. You can see how thought provoking some of it is

  • Imperial, CA

    Although this book is super long and can seem slow, the Kings never disappoint! It was mind boggling to see how everything connected and played out! So interesting to see people being tested this way.

  • Whitney, TX

    Took me a month but finally got it read. Perfection of a story by the master. Loved how it didn't have a typical happy ending but how the characters all came to grips with how Aurora changed things.

  • Oregon, OH

    My first Stephen King book! It was so long! But I honestly never lost interest. I would think about the book all the time, impatient to find out what happens next. It made me put both Kings in my TBR

  • Cincinnati , OH

    This story just kept getting more and more complex and interesting and crazy! So gruesome and twisted I loved it! It really makes you wonder what would happen today. Last 10 pages kinda a boring end.

  • Lynnwood, WA

    I adored this story. It was beautifully written and well-thought out. Genius character development, twists and turns but also left me thinking "what would happen and how would this work?" Recommend!

  • Murray, UT

    Oh my god. This book left me speechless! At the beginning I was confused I didn't understand the book but the more you read on the more attached you get. You feel like one of woman who are still up.

  • Hamden, CT

    I absolutely LOVED every second of this book! No matter where you leave off, it's always a cliff hanger & I was always wanting more. I read this book in 7 days (sittings)! A strong & thrilling read!

  • Manhattan, KS

    Sleeping Beauties a great SK book to start off with. The story is amazing, shocking, disgusting and riveting! Could not put it down and when I did I was constantly thinking about the story! Read it!

  • Lubbock , TX

    I thought this read more smoothly than a lot of the Stephen King books I've read. It grabbed my attention from the very beginning. It was an extremely thought provoking read. I highly recommend it.

  • Louisville, KY

    This was a bit of a long read, but definitely worth the effort. Loved the in-depth look at the structure of society. Stephen King and Owen King never cease to bring their characters fully to life.

  • Brighton , MA

    Blown away by this politically and socially relevant show stopper of a book! It was impossible to put down. I loved the idea of the story but loved the execution even more. King is truly a master!

  • North Plains, OR

    Steven and Owen did a great job creating a new world. Lots of characters to keep track of, but they all add to the story. I was disappointed in the ending though! Wanted a change from the usual.

  • Dallas, TX

    When I started reading this book, it was difficult in the beginning to get a grip of the story. But as you turn pages the content comes in order. Better to read with as little gaps as possible.

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