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The Clockwork Dynasty by Daniel H. Wilson

The Clockwork Dynasty

by Daniel H. Wilson

Quick take

Robotics expert Daniel H. Wilson has used his vast knowledge of the field to write a variety of fictional nail-biters.

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If you prefer your Russian history with a steampunk twist, The Clockwork Dynasty is for you. Robotics expert Daniel H. Wilson has used his vast knowledge of the field to write a variety of fictional nail-biters, and he’s at his best here, where he introduces robots into more than a few unexpected settings. The Clockwork Dynasty shifts between Russia in 1725 and the present day, as one woman unravels the centuries-old secrets about a war that’s raged between humans and machines.

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  • Schertz, TX

    The story grabbed me from the beginning & held my interest completely. It is very fast paced with short chapters which worked very well in getting a lot of information out without becoming a textbook.

  • Cincinnati, OH

    A thought provoking story of love, loss, & finding meaning in life that makes you think about the meaning of history, time, & what makes one human all while reading a very enjoyable action packed book

  • Glendale Heights, IL

    I loved the pace of the book. The back and forth between June's perspective and Peter's perspective pushed the book forward so well. Left me wanting more, in the best possible way. I loved the concept

  • Payson, AZ

    I loved this novel. The world that Wilson brings to life is riveting, the characters are immaculate, and the question he presents to the audience is well worth discussing. Writing style was on point.

  • Winona, MN

    From the very first page to the last this is a beautiful story that weaves present time with history seamlessly. This story is fun and a great read if you're looking for something to take you away.

  • Greenfield, IN

    A very interesting novel following two unique characters throughout history. A nice fantastical theme set in the historical/modern world. I look forward to picking up another book from this author!

  • Queens, NY

    A wonderfully painted sci-fi/evolutionary tale. Loved the time jumps and flawed, confused characters- very human (-like). Enchanting challenges and proposed alternatives to history and humanity.

  • Albany, OR

    This book was a fast read. I really loved it. It was nothing like I imagined from the cover, it was so much more. I really liked the twist of historical elements throughout the adventure within.


    I surprisingly really liked this book. Having the two time lines kept it interesting and kept me very engaged. It makes me wonder about our world. Are there robots secretly controlling us too??

  • Jasper, GA

    I was drawn in immediately by the cover and title, because I knew it just screamed steampunk and that's one of my favorite subgenres in fiction. I was definitely not disappointed in this case.

  • Upper Darby, PA

    It's an adventure that spans across centuries, interweaving past and present. Entertaining and action filled adventures that have you anticipating the outcome but has some hidden surprises.

  • Mountlake terrace, WA

    Loved this! Such a unique story that delivers on all fronts! Interesting characters, interesting mythology and world building, and overall just a good time! Wish it wasnt a standalone!

  • Vernal, UT

    This was such a great read, it gives you just enough info to keep you interested in the story while allowing the greater story to slowly unfold. Great characters and solid story.

  • Washington, DC

    I really surprisingly enjoyed this book -- I loved the alternating timelines and enjoyed a variety of the characters. It took a few chapters to get into, but then I was hooked!

  • Saucier, MS

    How can I put this into 200 characters? Well I will just say if you an avid fantasy and history lover and you want to delve into sci-fi/steampunk, pick up this gem!

  • Whitney, TX

    Great story line and wonderfully written characters. To say I loved this book is an understatement!! Had me sad to see it end and not have a follow up book. 10/10!

  • Pasadena, CA

    Fantasy, clockwork, action, and a mysterious past meet in the present for a wild ride through history and the present. One of my favourites this year.

  • Hesperia , CA

    This book was so interesting. The timeliness jumps but in a way that makes sense. I don't normally go for SciFi but I'm happy I did with this book.

  • Houston, TX

    I’m not normally a fan of robot stories but I really enjoyed this book. The robots were an interesting mix of technological and fantasy elements.

  • Eau Claire, WI

    I really liked this book!!! Way different from a normal read, and I got sucked into it so fast!! I found myself hoping for more books following it.

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