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The Verdict by Nick Stone
Legal thriller

The Verdict

by Nick Stone

Quick take

A spectacular legal thriller. There's double-crossing, blackmail, hidden agendas, conspiracies and danger around every corner.

Why I love it

Liberty Hardy
BOTM Judge

If you had a front row seat to watch the spectacular downfall of your ex-best friend who almost ruined your life, would you help him? Or would you contribute to his demise?

Growing up, Terry Flynt and Vernon James were best friends. But since a nasty incident between the two in college, he has been harboring a bitter grudge. Now, twenty years later, Terry is a legal clerk at one of the most prestigious legal firms in London. He's assigned to investigate a case in which a woman has been found murdered in the hotel room of a billionaire hedge fund owner. The suspect? Vernon James.

At first, Terry is almost delighted. He spent many years pulling his life back together while Vernon made his millions. He'd love to see Vernon's life in shambles, and the case seems open-and-shut. But when Terry uncovers evidence that things might not be what they appear, he must decide which he wants more: revenge or justice.

The Verdict is brilliantly plotted, with incredible twists and turns that kept me guessing until the very end. It's a great mystery, a refreshing storyline and a spectacular legal thriller. There's double-crossing, blackmail, hidden agendas, conspiracies and danger around every corner. Terry doesn't know who he can trust, and following along as he searches for answers and wrestles with his conscience is electrifying.

And the conclusion! Spoiler: it's fantastic. Nick Stone has delivered one of the most satisfying thrillers of the decade.

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Member thoughts

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All (154)
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179 ratings
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  • 43% Like
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  • Long Beach, CA

    Maybe slightly below 'love', but it was enjoyable and kept me guessing. Sometimes a bit unbelievable, (sometimes a lot!) but though long, it did not feel so and moved quickly.

  • Lafayette, CA

    I love a good legal thriller and this one fit the bill. Get ready to meet characters with intertwined stories which are expertly told.

  • Reisterstown, MD

    Gripping tale and crazy twists. I did not think I would finish it looking at the length, but I read it so quickly. Great job!

  • Austin, TX

    The thriller genre usually leaves me disappointed.....not this one.....even at its long length....thoroughly entertaining!!

  • Augusta, GA

    I will definitely be picking up his other books as I thoroughly enjoyed this legal thriller!

  • Lansdale, PA

    Really well written legal thriller that sucked me in right away and kept me captivated.

  • Birmgingham, MI

    I loved the British lingo. This book has been passed around my entire group of friends

  • Riverside , CA

    Liked the story and the prior friendship made it all the more interesting. 4.1/5

  • Los Angeles, CA

    Fast-packed, knuckle-gripped — a true page-turner in the purest sense.

  • Bad Axe, MI

    It's a long book, and it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout!


    Great read and an enticing thriller!

  • Millville, NJ


  • Anchorage , AK

    Read this.

  • Williamstown, MA

  • beacon, NY


  • Sioux Falls, SD

  • Spring, TX

  • san marcos, CA

  • Vernon hills, IL

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