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We're Going To Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union

We're Going To Need More Wine

by Gabrielle Union

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With We’re Going to Need More Wine, the talented, superbly cool actress Gabrielle Union gets real in a collection of true-life tales that is as wise as it is unfiltered. Beginning with her childhood in a predominantly white Californian suburb, Union takes us through the mishaps and triumphs of a bright career, from cagily finding success in Hollywood to overcoming professional disappointment to assuming—and excelling at—a role as an advocate for victims of sexual abuse. Heroic and hilarious, Union’s voice rings true whether she’s recounting an impromptu party thrown by Prince or describing the importance of mentoring young black actresses. Pour one out for us, please.

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  • Tinley Park, IL

    I couldn't get enough of Gabrielle's stories and upbringing. It was eye-opening but full of love and laughter. It will make you think twice about some comments you make to people. Better with wine!

  • Phoenix, AZ

    This was an incredible read . I highly recommend it , I couldn't pull myself away . Gabrielle was so authentic , it made me feel so many different things. Definitely worth adding to my box !

  • Conway Springs, KS

    This is so raw and real -- Union does a wonderful job of merging personal narratives with critiques of race, gender, and class in the U.S. She had me laughing and crying along with her.

  • Goose Creek, SC

    The book is aptly named - it feels like I'm sitting down with the author over a glass of wine and talking about life. It was funny, witty, and yet absolutely heartbreaking at points.

  • Fort Wayne , IN

    What a great book. I laughed, I was sad. Her honesty in telling some horrible things in growing up black in a white community really made me aware of my privilege. Great book.

  • Decherd, TN

    Loved this book!! I liked it so much I ordered an extra copy for my sister. I love Gabrielle's wit, humor, and rawness. She's honest and open. It was like talking to friends.

  • New Carrollton, MD

    It was equal parts quirky, funny, heart wrenching, frustrated, and endearing. I love her growth into her blackness. It is such a great portraits of growing into yourself.

  • Oak Forest, IL

    This is so much more than a bubblegum celebrity memoir. She talks about race, love, family, show business, and much more. It's a great balance of serious and hilarious.

  • Allentown , PA

    There was a refreshing honesty to this book that I was totally surprised by but it was wonderful. It was like learning a story of a family member I didn't meet yet.

  • Bronx, NY

    It was personal, funny and personal. It will make you laugh but also think about what we may experience growing up and how it makes us stronger,

  • New York, NY

    I feel like I know Gabrielle Union after reading this one. From stories about Princes parties to her relationship with D. Wade I loved it all!

  • Nashville , TN

    Loved how real Gabrielle"Nikki" was in the book. Loved her honesty and her sense of humor. I could see myself in a lot of her stories.


    Nothing like keeping it real. A bit of everything wrapped in one. I feel like we grabbed an actual glass of wine and bonded.

  • Decherd, TN

    I absolutely love this book!!! She is a great writer, very honest, and hilarious. I'm so glad I decided to get this one.

  • Philadelphia, PA

    Raw, open, honest. Title tells it all. We’re gonna need more wine as we travel and learn who Gabrielle really is.

  • Denver, CO

    Powerful. There were moments I was laughing and others I was crying. I've recommended this book to several friends.

  • Columbus , OH

    I enjoyed her book. She was very open and funny! I could relate to some of her experiences. Good read!

  • bloomington, CA

    HILARIOUS! I absolutely loved this one. She was so honest and candid and funny at the same time.

  • Titusville , FL

    Every woman must read this book. Have sex. Lots of it with many men. And drink wine. Lots of wine.

  • Austin, TX

    I loved reading this. I related so much to this book as a woman. I laughed and cried.

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