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Book pocket tote by Book of the Month

Book pocket tote

by Book of the Month

Why I love it

Reading looks good on you. Rock your books with this stylin' tote. The outside pocket is perfectly designed to fit your BOTMs, and there's a zippered pocket inside for your phone and wallet, too.

100% canvas, 14" high x 17" wide.

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Member ratings (4,298)

  • Wendy B.

    Rivesville , WV

    I was excited to finally reach BFF status and receive this tote, but I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting it to be so nice! It’s well made and perfectly sized to hold my on deck books. The pocket is great!

  • Miracle M.

    Valley Park, MO

    Ahhhhh this tote gives me life!! After looking forward to getting one for a year, I was not disappointed. It’s the perfect size, super durable, and what’s not to love about a pocket just for books!

  • Jessi D.

    Boise, ID

    At first I wasn’t too into this tote, but after hearing rave reviews about it I washed it (which softened it quite a bit) and now absolutely love it. It’s cute, quirky, functional and super roomy!

  • Julia K.

    Denver, CO

    Love how spacious this tote is as it can hold numerous items. Very sturdy material, too, plus I love the book pocket on the outside so that my book stay nice and neat as I carry them.....no bent pages

  • Yonca I.

    Ann Arbor, MI

    This tote is amazing. As a book lover and a mom, I use it as a diaper bag when we go walking with my kids and I can put my book into the book pocket and there is plenty of room for kids and my stuff:)