Behind Her Eyes

by Sarah Pinborough

Quick take

This novel isn’t just a who-dun-it. This novel is a what-the-f*ck-even-got-dun.

Why I love it

Every time I read a thriller, I imagine myself in a race against the author. I ask myself, 'œCan I guess the big twist before the author reveals it?' '“always confident that the answer is yes. Still, I stay up late into the night finishing these books. I read until daylight breaks. I read until I know for certain that my theory is correct'¦

I was dead wrong about the ending of Behind Her Eyes.


Member thoughts

58% Love
33% Like
8% Dislike
  • Jill N.

    Saint Louis, MO

    "I couldn't put this down. "

  • Ariel K.

    Bentleyville, PA


  • Brenna M.

    Chicago, IL

    "So much to think about when reading this book! I was unsure of what would happen... all the way to the very last page!"

  • Alice E.

    Wellington, KS

    "I thought up about 20 different possible endings as I was reading. Of course, I was wrong. The ending's twist is very clever and a huge surprise! Fun read"

  • Stephanie N.

    Amarillo, TX

    "At first I wasn't so sure, but soon wasn't able to put it down! I really enjoyed this book - especially the GIANT twist at the end."

  • Jill R.

    Woodbury, MN

    "Fantastic book!! Great plot twist at the end I didn't see coming. "

  • Tabitha P.

    Bowling Green, KY

    "I finished this book a couple months ago and I still think about the ending."

  • Nicole H.

    Portland, OR

    "What did I just read?? "

  • Rachel H.

    Pleasanton, CA

    "While this book seemed to repeat some of the story a few too many times, I read it straight through hungry for the end. I was not disappointed. All of my guesses were wrong! Loved it!!!"

  • Joy G.

    St. Amant, LA

    "Everything you've heard about the ending.... it's all true!!!!!"

  • Gillian M.

    Peachtree Corners, GA

    "I didn't see the twist coming. I thought I knew who the "bad guy" was, but was shocked at the end. This book kept me hooked until the last page. I still want to know what happens next to these people!"