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After the Eclipse by Sarah Perry
True crime

After the Eclipse

by Sarah Perry

Quick take

"I think what affects me most about her story is her need to search for who her mother was through police records, court documents and the friends and family her mother left behind."

Why I love it

Reading _After the Eclipse_ made me think of my own life in two parts: Before I became an actor, and now that I am one. I think of what sliding doors I could’ve walked through or avoided and wonder if I’d have ended up here, wherever "here" is. If I had gone to a different school, or lived in a different apartment, would it have changed the course of my life completely? Sarah Perry's life is als...
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A fierce memoir of a mother’s murder, a daughter’s coming-of-age in the wake of immense loss, and her mission to know the woman who gave her life.

When Sarah Perry was twelve, she saw a partial eclipse of the sun, an event she took as a sign of good fortune for her and her mother, Crystal. But that brief moment of darkness ultimately foreshadowed a much larger one: two days later, Crystal was...

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