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Three Women by Lisa Taddeo
Narrative nonfiction

Three Women

We love supporting debut authors. Congrats, Lisa Taddeo on your first novel!

by Lisa Taddeo

Quick take

Fascinating, raw, and NSFW. Ten years of reporting is on full display, recounting women's complicated sex lives.

Good to know

  • Feminist

  • Literary

  • Buzzy

  • Salacious


This explicit book about the sex lives of women features cerebral writing and a nontraditional plot structure.

Why I love it

Recently over drinks I asked a friend, “What’s the last book you read that you just couldn’t put down?” Without hesitation, she answered, Three Women. Now, I’m not usually a nonfiction reader—and I have a stack of half-read memoirs to prove it—but with this book, I have to agree with my friend: Three Women sucks you in from the very first page. After all, who would pass up a voyeuristic glimpse be...

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It thrills us and torments us. It controls our thoughts, destroys our lives, and it’s all we live for. Yet we almost never speak of it. And as a buried force in our lives, desire remains largely unexplored—until now. Over the past eight years, journalist Lisa Taddeo has driven across the country six times to embed herself with ordinary women from different regions and backgrounds. The result, Thre...

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Get an early look from the first pages of Three Women.

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